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  1. Oh Francesa, He did love Luck too (then again, who didn't?) and Francesa's other man crush qb??? ---- that would be the one and only Johnny "Football" Manziel, said the kid has that special "IT" factor and would dominate the NFL.
  2. Who knows how his career will end up, but let's be fair, Jones had an historically great debut game, not just merely good--arguably the greatest qb debut in the history of the NFL when you consider his numbers, game situation/pressure, and losing Saquon Barkley early.
  3. Agreed, it's still too early to crown anyone. However, Sam is starting to get into a very bad pattern where his failures are almost always quickly excused by apologists (even national media, ala guys like Colin Cowherd) such as his phantom foot injury last year (conveniently super close to when he was about to be benched for poor play) and now this weird mono diagnosis? ... fanbase fear is Darnold's already behind the development and growth of his other young peer qb's, and it's only going to get worse with such an unstable coaching staff and front office calling the shots to try and guide him.
  4. Such craziness the past week, which now places enormous pressure on both Gase and Darnold to really show something this year. If Darnold doesn't take a big step up in year two, it's hard to see Gase being around for Darnold's third year.
  5. i wasn't on this board back then, but i can only imagine what his posts were like (between 2008-2010) when Sanchez still had hope, Rex was Rex, and the Giants were still a couple years away from Eli winning yet another one. He must've been campaigning for Sanchez into the Hall of Fame like immediately, with Rex's name etched onto the Lombardi.
  6. I think you need to start up a separate thread since i'm not sure what Eli eventually cruising into the HOF and Mark Sanchez top draft dud status for his career have to do with Sam Darnold v Daniel Jones.
  7. Eli and Sanchez are EXACTLY alike. and by exactly, i of course mean nothing alike. Somewhere Browning Nagle is rolling in his grave .... FYI, rumor has it Nagle was the same qb as Simms too, but only got screwed by Jets' management at the time, otherwise he would've been mvp of super bowl XXV!!!!
  8. You also conveniently leave out the one little important factoid about Sanchez which is he was never a professional enough QB to last in New York. Had nothing to do with his physical ability. Instead it was all about what was (or wasn't) between Mark's ears. He had early success and essentially coasted on it, never getting any better, and instead being far more interested in his celebrity of being a qb in New York than actually developing his skillset---Eli has been the ultimate professional qb that handled the pressure of New York with ease for 15 years and counting. That alone deserves hall recognition in how rare that truly is.
  9. I think with Eli, there also needs to be context and perspective when judging him. Eli is judged more harshly by his OWN fanbase than outside, with Giants fans regularly treating their own qb's like garbage until they're retired, ala Phil Simms. So Eli doesn't just get compared to his fellow NFL qbs and draft class, but ALSO to the history of Giants' super bowl qb's he's aways going to be compared to as well, such as Simms, Hostetler, and Collins. Had Eli had the same exact career with Jets however, he would be hailed as an all-time legendary hero, and king of new york just because he'd be a 'QB of one' with no other Jets qb in our generation to even be remotely compared to. You're already seeing this double-standard playing out for the newbie new york qb's too, with Darnold and Jones. Jones has already been beaten up my media and fans, who essentially have let it be known that not only does he have to win, but has to win BIG since the bar has already been raised so high by Eli that Jones even had to say at his intro presser that he needs to win 'multiple super bowls' (and even if he does, he'll STILL have to face endless naysayers, just like Eli .... however by contrast, Darnold could have far less success but also be treated far more warmly by Jet nation, even if he doesn't win squat, just because there's no other Jets qb in our generation he has to be compared against, unless you count Sanchez or Pennington?
  10. You can't allow yourself to get so worked up about Eli going to the hall (love it or hate it, it's INEVITABLE...), otherwise i fear you're going to cause yourself a brain aneurysm trying so hard to somehow change fate. You may need the infinity glove for this one.
  11. As hard as this is to say, let's be honest, if Namath is in -- Eli is in.
  12. solid argument, and your passion for wanting Eli nowhere near the hall is evident and commendable ... so when he DOES eventually get in, promise not to picket too long outside Canton. The winters are frigid.
  13. if your argument is first or second ballot for Eli, that's totally debatable, but if it's actually about him getting in at all, well that's just silly. ps, sorry you bought his autographed merchandise
  14. In the end, super bowls will trump all. he's been an NFL promoted staple for years, and a celebrity with star power with class who's been good for the league with clean reputation and constant sponsorship forever. he's getting in.
  15. The thing is Eli, being a NY lifetime qb, will always be polarizing. Those who hate him will always hate him, and those who love him will always love him. So once you put personal affection or disdain for the player to the side, and look at it all objectively--he's getting into the HOF. It'd be super difficult to justify putting several other qbs already in the hall in over Eli, especially when you also consider what a good guy, NFL icon and darling of the league Eli has been since he entered the league. By the way, wasn't this originally about who's gonna be better: Darnold or Jones????
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