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  1. Touchdowns 17 compared to how many attempts ? Take a stats class u need it bad
  2. I gave you a logical argument on where comp % and yes ypa can be deceiving. You ignored those facts like an insecure moron Not sure what else to tell you. I like our qb darnold. But i dont see the special qualities like allen. I see alex smith at best...
  3. I wouldnt trade allen for any current qb. No effin way. I wish we had him baddd
  4. He has started better than darnold unless youre blind
  5. Because you can check it down a million times like darnold and have 70% comp % Or you could throw a sh*t tons of passes past 15 yds like allen but be at 55% Or you could be proficient in a west coast offense and hit 70 % but it would be more indicative of proficiency and reading a defense Or it can be a combination This is why you have to eatch the game Not just quote stats like an idiot
  6. Comp % does on t equal accuracy Allen has more poise and isn't afraid of hanging in the pocket Darnold constantly had happy feet and would check it down... Either you're blind or an idiot. Allen seriously looks like elway. Darnold looks like a Fitzpatrick turnover machine. Allen is clearly more talented
  7. Good lord you're retarded
  8. Allen is more cerebral too
  9. Allen is more accurate, has infinite more upside, stronger arm, much better poise. Darnold is more polished. But from a pure eye ball test of qb play from the pocket, its not even close. I hope I'm wrong but I just see no comparison. It was clear as day when they played each other
  10. I hope you're right. It clearly doesn't look that way... I can see Allen as the best qb by far in 3 yrs. In the whole nfl
  11. Mel kiper and Michael Robinson...

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