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  1. Vontae davis was contemplating for months... If he was that out of it you do it in the spring. Children have no principles. Youre a child
  2. Youre the ****in asshat who has no principles and cares nothing about your actions effecting others. Youre the pos ppl talk about in bars on friday night dude Literally He quit Just like vontae davis
  3. Allen is elite in all those areas
  4. there was no ankle calf injury dude... Get a clue
  5. What else is the fo gonna say... The organization was already shunned by elway and failed with two other golden child qbs. If you dont think they have foresight with lawrence coming .... Again youre a two dimensional thinking child
  6. Because Singletary is better than all of them...
  7. Mike florio now reporting irsay knew about this retirement issue since last march. Reports also coming out of local indy news that there is high speculation this whole ankle/ calf thing is total bs to cover for just wanting out. Nfl network just reported med staff had no doubts about week 1 Luck admitted the so called calf injury wasnt nowhere near the shoulder issue. Luck gets married, comes back from europe in april. Suddenly my calf hurts. He didnt want to play football anymore ppl. So hes an irresponsible douche for leading the colts org on and not retiring in the spring CLOWN SHOW LUCK
  8. Im will Youre the clown plagiarizing
  9. because its sports.... Its a hobby and entertainment Lol wtf
  10. Did you notice how u didn't address one single pt. But i did for you. Bye now
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