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  1. Vontae davis was contemplating for months... If he was that out of it you do it in the spring. Children have no principles. Youre a child
  2. Youre the ****in asshat who has no principles and cares nothing about your actions effecting others. Youre the pos ppl talk about in bars on friday night dude Literally He quit Just like vontae davis
  3. Allen is elite in all those areas
  4. there was no ankle calf injury dude... Get a clue
  5. What else is the fo gonna say... The organization was already shunned by elway and failed with two other golden child qbs. If you dont think they have foresight with lawrence coming .... Again youre a two dimensional thinking child
  6. Because Singletary is better than all of them...
  7. Mike florio now reporting irsay knew about this retirement issue since last march. Reports also coming out of local indy news that there is high speculation this whole ankle/ calf thing is total bs to cover for just wanting out. Nfl network just reported med staff had no doubts about week 1 Luck admitted the so called calf injury wasnt nowhere near the shoulder issue. Luck gets married, comes back from europe in april. Suddenly my calf hurts. He didnt want to play football anymore ppl. So hes an irresponsible douche for leading the colts org on and not retir
  8. Im will Youre the clown plagiarizing
  9. because its sports.... Its a hobby and entertainment Lol wtf
  10. Did you notice how u didn't address one single pt. But i did for you. Bye now
  11. Your mention too of " who knows if tge colts med team was incompetent" is an argument pulled out your ass. Who knows can be said for anything. We have no facts on the trent wiiliams issue. If trent feels the redskins wronged him then obviously its a different story. Nobody deserves abuse, lies, deceit. Kawhi leonard applies here and he was correct. duh.... Learn to make coherent logical succint points or you will continually keep digging
  12. if you really want me to rub it in its why i think allen will be better than darnold. Allen loves football Darnold enjoys it.... Mic drop
  13. Show me the ir talk and diminished play and that its feb. Otherwise its exactly like darnold retiring. The colts med staff- fully expect him ready for week 1. This is not about an injury. Stop the fake news narrative. Luck was tired of the grind. Every football player is rehabbing dealing with these issues. If you can show me how luck retired because of injury with proof then ill call it retirement. He was mentally tired from the brutal nature of the sport. Period. He said so himself. And if you want to get real its because hes from a privileged backgro
  14. its not semantics. They two completely different parts of being a qb. One is actual throwing. The other is decision making Farve early in his career was not inaccurate. He was wild and inefficient. Allen is farve but 6'5 260lbs and runs like a db
  15. Ill take a 55%-60% farve over a 70% rich gannon every time. Two great qbs but we all kno who we'd want for the chip
  16. Youre the one who implied a false idea that allen us a single read qb. When in reality hes more advanced in down field anticipation throws compared to checkdown sam. He continually panicks and would check it down.... I also brought up potential by stating the wonderlic. You then somehow thinks that means fitz is the best qb. Lol you started the false narrative and then turned it into fitz being great .you cant make this up lol
  17. He doesnt struggle with throwing accuracy lol. Its literally made up. Hes inefficient because of the chances he takes This has been explained ad nauseam. U refuse to see reality. Trust me. If allen struggled with the trademark 15 yd out or anticipated throw over the middle id admit it. Its his strength. Stop the bs espn narrative
  18. He has a higher wonderlic then darnold. Captain checkdown sam
  19. When did barry and rs retire?
  20. Knox has 4.4 speed at 6'4 260lbs Sweeney is bigger and runs 4.7 and is smooth like a wr. Both can block You really think polite or stiff hips adams will cover us lol Not to mention we have the next john elway
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