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  1. He’s not setting him straight he’s taking pressure off the young man. Coming to the Jets any QB must imagine he’s got to lift it all himself, Coach Saleh is telling him he’s not alone and the organisation will give him all the help he needs. seemed super clear to me
  2. Great. God only knows how the family would take it if I was smiling after a Jets game.
  3. I’m one of those sad optimists that expect to win every time.
  4. Got up this morning, got the jets gear on as always for a new season. Disappointment as usual??
  5. Oh I dunno I kind of like the stupid giggle people do when they find out you are a Jets fan. I realised I made the right choice all those years ago when I was in the Gillette Stadium on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago - pissing rain, 0-41 down and I was ecstatic with a field goal while all the miserable winners round me looked unhappy. Or maybe i'm just a masochist like the rest of you
  6. I'm from Dundee so also a lowlander, though I spend half my time trying to be a highlander in the cairngorms as they're only an hour or so from here. There's an annoying bar (actually quite decent but with an annoying name) called the Usquabae Whisky Bar. I always want to tell them what they are doing with their name but hey ho. Which state are you in ?
  7. Same as every other man, don't they all have multiple personalities that we will never figure out!!
  8. Cheers Crusher, as long as they don't suffer blended supermarket whisky i'm all good. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: It's not only Ballantines that tastes awful, other cheap whiskies may also affect your ability to taste hot dogs properly at the game.
  9. God No. Wouldn't take the dirt off my car with it!! How about Lagavulin?
  10. Good Morning (afternoon here) Jets fan from Scotland touching down and saying hello, making annual trip across the pond in October to see the Jets (v. Patricheats) with my wife (one of them) and daughter (Giants). We've been over a number of times, and since i get to book it luckily it's always Jets against someone...last year the home game we came to was pre-season v Giants (stuck on a bus from New York as traffic was a nightmare that night as I'm sure some of you will remember and we got in near end of first quarter). This year we will be back on the train as it always worked
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