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  1. This is the only answer logical answer. The trade down is iffy depending on if a Thomas type lineman is available. Having a young da brick on the left edge and round 2 and 3 interior lineman has to be the only way. I also think we put so much emphasis on Gase (please fire him) but we need to look at who is going to be coaching these picks and the strength and conditioning. Pollack was run out of Dallas and did nothing in Cincinnati.
  2. Agree... just curious what the $ of trading him costs now and in the future. Picks and OL are only focus.
  3. New to the forum so don't shoot the new guy. If the Jets are really considering moving Bell which is comical on it's own. What are the financials on a Bell to Detroit for Slay hypothetical. Local guy(MSU) goes back to Michigan and we get a position of need. Is this even do-able setting the players aside ?

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