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  1. Thanks... now the million dollar question to be determined. Is it to us and for how much ? The board will be a study in immediate irrational exhuberance. Have a great week..
  2. Are we currently in a time window where any trade would be prohibited due to Green Bay having to account for $. In other words is he tradeable before the draft or is the likelihood that the trade would be made in June using 2024 picks. Thanks, lots of messages floating around but this was still unclear to me.
  3. OMA

    Josh Allen

    I think some of those asked a few months ago have likely changed opinions. I'd take either but just like Burrow's game more. Accuracy and decision making being key.
  4. OMA

    Josh Allen

    where are you coming up with a .428 winning percentage.
  5. The guy has a great gig... never right about any of the picks and has no experience in scouting yet saw the draft market potential and capitalized on it. With all the new comers mock drafts he still gets the most clout.
  6. Well we can now remove him from any further mock drafts.
  7. If this does happen (anything more than a 2nd and conditional pick is overpaying) then you can count on a lot more 4pm, SNF and possibly Jets v Cowboys on Thanksgiving.
  8. Carr had the best receiver in the league and got benched. I do not understand the fascination with him that most of the board seems to have. Honestly I would rather win 4 games and draft Caleb Williams or Drake Maye then win 8-9 with no hope of beating the elite teams.
  9. From the desk of George Young, Joe, don'f f'it up again. Instructions are to draft Parris Johnson or Skoronski.
  10. From your list Mann, Davis, Berrios are not on the team next year. Find better, smarter players and coach them to success. It's not that complicated in theory but has proven to be for this organization.
  11. That’s the spirit. Caleb and/or Drake are can’t miss!! The kind of qb that gets the next great Mcvay asst to One Jet Drive. Just one more year and we are there. Now 5 wins and we are screwed….
  12. OMA

    Klecko - HOF!

    He made his amends with the law.
  13. OMA

    Klecko - HOF!

    I think once they get to this senior finalist nomination it’s a formality. He is one of four in that category. All can go in.
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