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  1. Interesting proposal.. Any other team playoff type team and I would say yes, but this team is so devoid of talent and carrying those extra picks into next year gives the flexibility to continue and build the roster.
  2. That organization is trending towards the league to stepping and force a sale good or bad. We thought the Jets could not sign players, watch this train wreck and expect the league to step in. The owner passed and the shield will not let this carry into the season with Jr.
  3. The fastest way JD loses all credibility is roll our Darnold again and have him fall apart and embarrass the owner. The coaching staff has an alibi that he was too far gone yet JD has years of looking at this up close. Yeah, he can roll the dice we have a Tannenbaum V2 but the risk vs resetting with his or their guy far far outweighs this reward. Can we keep this thread to that very likely, near certain conclusion and focus on what to do with this assumption. And the sign everyone in FA is not the answer. Liken to my 15 yr old kid who spent her first $75 paycheck as fast as she could
  4. JuJu and Linsley I am scared of the hip injuries with Golladay and still think JuJu has great value and has shown production. Oh and he is really young.
  5. Don't like to waste time on other teams in this forum unless it directly effects our NYJ. That being said with the Jamal trade this 2022 pick from Seattle could be really good if this Wilson to the Bears rumor continues. Noted below is team letter where no mention of him is made which has all the skeptics and fans in Seattle thinking Carroll is moving on. With the owner passing away Pete seems to be running things and could see this happening very soon. I would think if they are trying to mend the fence his name would at least be somewhere in the letter.
  6. No... I am not trading the #2 pick and the $ value it creates for a top 5 $ qb who is maybe the 15 best in the league coming off injury.
  7. That's a big stretch to associate his desire to work with a relative's success. If you don't think he will be good based on 2019 tape it can be argued but this is like saying Mahomes was born into wealth so you know he will be "crapped out". I will take accuracy, quick release and mobility over throwing it 80 yards every day. He is still young and not getting smaller.
  8. Every thread on this forum is turning into the same back and forth. My point initially was I think this is Wilson based on the reasons I listed and him being a fit in this type of offense. If I am right what are thoughts on other questions asked... or we can debate the same old stuff on every other thread.
  9. Hypothetically if at the end of day Joe and team are split on Sam and Zach it goes to value. I believe Joe will value the cost savings in drafting Zach and what he can do with the $ vs what he could draft with another 2nd round pick.
  10. It no longer is a question of where things are going with the qb position in April. The combination of new staff, salary implications, 2022 QB prospects and skill set of Wilson make it a near certainty the NYJ will draft him at 2. I think Joe and team expect improvement in 2021 to a point where they hope/plan to never be in the position again of being able to draft elite talent (top 5 pick lets say) this high in the draft. Rather than argue Sam should be kept again and again I would be interested in what the forum thinks about how to not have Sam V2 with Wilson. Does he start day
  11. Do we really think Atlanta is ready to move off Matt Ryan ? I do not see it considering the money, new coach and ownership. I think they are looking at Sewell to keep Ryan upright more than someone to replace him at this point. Phiily at 6 has Hurts and will likely give him the year to pass/fail. Think Carolina is the key.
  12. This has always been my preference but doubt 4 is the likely partner. I would look at Carolina at 8 (assuming no watson) as the most logical partner. 1st and 2nd in 2021, 1st in 2022 and 2022 3rd would be enough for me. Looking at the capital this creates for building a roster factoring in Seattle liking taking a step back next year creates all sorts of possibilities. Worst case scenario is Darnold busts in 2021 and we go into 2021 with three 1st's of which all could be high picks.
  13. Accuracy... if you cannot make the throw it makes no difference how tough, fast you are... Leadership - need to be the face of the franchise and respected in the locker room Availability - impossible to predict but need to be on the field Accuracy again... by far the most important skillset a qb has to have
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