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  1. Anyone who protects our quarterback or hits theirs is priority 1 and 2 for me. The game is set up so much for the qb that these two basic principles need to always be the focus. Some combination of thibodeaux, karlaftis, dean, ojabo, neal, ekonwu, cross (Hutchinson is not getting past Detroit so not considering) If they love a WR at 10 so be it but back to my earlier point with one of 2nd rounders along with a tight end.
  2. Look at that effort and hand slaps.... future Jet if I have ever seen one. The Uncle Rico vibe from this video cracks me up.
  3. I live in kc and am a jet fan. imagine my Sunday’s. They being said he just threw for 400 and 5’tds. Not sure you watched the game.
  4. My house on kc…. Mahomes vs Allen is only ESPN telling you it’s an even matchup..
  5. Hoping for the best with Becton and he regains his form and health. That being said he reminds me of former top pick Leonard Davis who struggled on the outside but moved inside on the line and had a lengthy and productive career.
  6. No way he stays healthy for all 28 games…
  7. Until we becoming a destination for free agents either by consistent winning and/or creating a culture within the organization that players are looking to join I would not expect any equal market signings. In order to get the free agents we want it is going to require paying a premium.
  8. OMA


    Coach's kid with that first in, last out mentality. Gritty and tough nosed willing to do the dirty work, including special teams as a freshman. One division 1 offer and was likely going to follow his brother into construction if not for a coach taking the chance on him. What he lacks in athleticism he has in that loves the game attitude. You can't outwork the kid and he will fight you for every yard. I'll take 52 Kupp's on my team coaches and GM/s around the league say. sincerely, the entire NFL broadcasting team.
  9. I think with Williams reasonably coming out of nowhere this season it would have been a challenge pricing that premium. I believe most of these are set at beginning of the season and not available for any player. Not sure you can buy a per game rate but terrible for the kid nonetheless.
  10. From Alabama - nearly all are NFL prospects but attention to Neal, Jameson and Battle. From Georgia - again nearly all are NFL prospects less the starting QB. I would pay attention to Dean, Walker and Pickens. Should be a great game...
  11. Appreciate the comments. Will be interesting to see how high a team is willing to take the risk.
  12. This time last year Stingley was widely regarded as the best cb prospect since Ramsey. Fast forward to today and there seems to be little interest in drafting him with either pick. I realize sitting out the year worries some, but given the current world and LSU turning into a dumpster fire I do not hold that against him. I would have concerns over any medicals but assuming that clears I tend to want difference makers and play makers when drafting this high. Karlaftis is a nice player and maybe he is Maxx Crosby but I can't help think we may be passing on an elite player. I know some w
  13. Our qb continued to develop despite any resemblance of a receiving core. Carter and Berrios are pieces along with the line slowly improving and Moore coming back. But again, it’s all about Zach and he is starting to see it. That being said, no more 4-2 qb sneak till we trade back and take linderbaum. and I can only hope coach Bob learned but worse case we won’t see Brady again for 3 yrs less in its February. Given what we have in healthy talent I am not sure other than game management what you could be angry about today. That being said I don’t drink much and took my olde
  14. So you would rather they lost? We have no healthy wide receivers and a make shift line. The goal is to win the game, not pad stats.
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