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  1. Pearl was being told by his players after shootaround that they were comfortable with the sight lines at U.S. Bank Stadium, they actually weren't and their shots were way off during the game. Pearl made a shrewd adjustment to get them back in the game offensively, which was to remove the depth perception issues by only having his guys shoot 3s from the corners since the sight lines were more like they were at the SEC Tournament or at Vandy. Pearl and other coaches made the mistake of approaching UVA's Pack Line Defense wrong. The only coach who got it right during the NCAA Tournament was Tim Craft and he got away from it, which is when the UVA Defense was able to force bad shots and get wear down Gardner-Webb. You have to approach the Pack Line like it is a junk defense or even like it is a zone, the Pick and Slip with the option of a ball screen and pop was ALWAYS THERE. G-W had opportunities to get to the center of the offense from the wings, but they were running Pick and Rolls with poor spacing from there and that just ruined them.
  2. If Roy coaches like it is 2016-2017, Cole Anthony is a wonderful fit and he can dominate out there. If he coaches like it was last season, Cole Anthony is a poor fit. We shall see how it all works out. Anthony was #1 in the 2019 Class in Assist%. Bacot is physically the type of big who succeeds at UNC, Roy has a clear type when it comes to his bigs. As far as his actual play, his best fit was actually at Georgia... UNC was middle-of-the-pack.
  3. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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