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  1. So, his answer at the QB position was Mike White?
  2. You should kiss Tony Pauline's ass- but you're not worthy
  3. You should apologize to Tony Pauline by kissing his ass
  4. Ojabo would've gone top 15 if not top 12. KC is the perfect spot for him late in round one- they answered all their offensive needs the past two weeks and they will need a pass rusher going forward. In a perfect world Ojabo can take snaps for them in December just in time for the stretch drive. Slight chance GB with their second pick in the 1st
  5. Why is Becton arguing with strangers about this on twitter? Seems rather juvenile. Workout, shut up and show up.
  6. What makes you think he'll make it out of the first round? Sydney Jones was not rated nearly as high as Ojabo, had the same type of injury at almost the same time of the draft process, and was the 43rd pick of the draft. Jefferey Simmons tore a knee ligament a month before the combine, had a ton of off the field issues and was the 19th pick of the draft. Ojabu doesn't make it out of round one.
  7. And Gardner couldn't fit the profile for a Seahawks CB any better. Gardner is going to go early because he's the only one with Stingley falling.
  8. 952 responses on this Browns board and the first page seems to be mostly positive: https://247sports.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/board/105323/Contents/schefter-deshaun-watson-to-brownsbrowns-sign-him-to-new-deal-184690681/?page=1
  9. If that guys right he will be- in the fourth round
  10. Sorry to disappoint you Mrs Wilson, but your son's not getting inducted anywhere.
  11. Then why'd they fire Bisaccia and hire McDaniels? I'm i the only one who thinks that will blow up sooner rather than later?
  12. So basically if the Jets don't win in 2022 they're are screwed because they'll be in salary cap hell in 2023 and 2024.
  13. Ah yes-and the irony of Arthur Blank wanting to trade for Watson. Here's the thing- Watson hasn't played football in a year, will probably get a 6 to 10 game suspension by the league and the team trading for him will have to give up tons of early picks/players. Very risky imo
  14. 1000%. Offense aside- Saleh's defense pretty much sucked last season which is worrisome.
  15. Problem is, no one is paying for offensive tackles in this free agent class. There are so many good OT's in the draft they will lowball guys like Collins and then circle back to any available FA's after the draft.
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