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  1. He not only fought to play through a pandemic, never mind the fact he returned to the playing field after missing two games with a positive test, but if you remember he was the most vocal player of any last August demanding the NCAA and ACC play the 2020 season.
  2. It would be very easy to dismiss this but the Niners eventuallygave away two first round picks and swapped another 1st round selection to move up nine slots and get a QB in the draft. I could absolutely see this being legitimate.
  3. its as insane as making the statement Wyatt Davis, one of the most mobile blockers in this draft, is somehow not a zone blocking lineman.
  4. he was also coffee boy for Al Davis for a number of years. His analysis isn't bad. His opinions are awful
  5. I think they are a bit of a joke. Right before the Super Bowl they posted videos on twitter of the top QB's in the draft and the longest pass they threw in a game. Wilson was tops at 64 yards. Of course while the other four threw from a stationary position in the pocket, Wilson took a four step run up then hurled the ball downfield. It was just dumb.
  6. Jets have not had any opportunity to medically check Wilson to date. Look at his medical records? Yes. Medically check him? No
  7. Yes they are- and the Calgary Stampeders are at the top of the list of teams interested at this point in time.
  8. 1st round has the worst hit rate of any round never mind the fact Mo was a damn good player for the Jets. The Jets second round selections have sucked for the better part of 25 years. Then there's selecting Ardarius Stewart over Chris Godwin and Dexter McDougle over Gabe Jackson- that's why they suck.
  9. Rhule is represented by Athletes 1st. Sexton works for CAA.
  10. Sexton is an agent. He had 0% influence on Jets decision making at any point in time. To believe otherwise is foolish.
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