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  1. I think Onwuasor played in Mosley's place on the Ravens the beginning of last season.
  2. I'm all for getting Dalton. He will not only give us an experienced backup but can help groom Darnold.
  3. I think JD took the S in Round 3 in case things don't go well and he can trade him next year and have a replacement. JD has all the leverage
  4. I liked the Mann pick as it filled a whole we had. He was the best college punter. I just wish we had picked up a K as an UDFA. The Kickers we have suck and I hope we bring someone in to take the job. I hope we are also looking at Ks who will get cut by teams the end of camp.
  5. So if Darnold has a Year similar to Year 2 this season, do you give him a big contract next year?
  6. At some point people have to stop making excuses and Darnold has to actually live up to his high ceiling.
  7. I liked the Mann pick, was hoping we could have fixed both P & K in this draft. I wish we would have signed the Georgia K as an UDFA.
  8. If he was targeting Mims then he got lucky that he was still there 11 picks later.
  9. We need to bring in whoever is the best K not drafted.
  10. We better be looking at K and Punter in UDFA. Georgia Kicker would be a nice sign. Cut the two scrubs we have at K now. Not sure who bets college punter is?

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