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  1. I think he was waiting to see if the Eagles would cut him before trying to make a trade.
  2. Had both mine done this year 10 weeks apart. 14 day mark is when things turn for better.
  3. Just trade a 5th or 6th rounder to Philly for Ertz. Will solve our TE problem for a year.
  4. Even though I'm not a big Darnold fan, I'd keep him another year to see if he can play with talent around him. The Jets have so many holes to fill, they should trade down for more picks. The OL needs to be fixed. If Darnold plays well this year we keep him. If he sucks we will have a high pick next year to get a QB. Is anyone here actually thinking the Jets make the playoffs this year? We need to build for two years down the road.
  5. If we keep Darnold at QB, we need a stud RB to take the pressure off.
  6. They need to draft Nagee Harris at #23.
  7. Offer a later round pick to Philly for Zack Ertz.
  8. Joe sitting on his fat ass as Belicheck gets all the players he wants. What a waste of $66M in cap space. Golliday signing has to be made now. Thuney and Linsey gone.
  9. How many playoff games have Jets been in the last 10 years?
  10. I was wondering if the Lions would swap first round picks #2 to Lions and #7 and Stafford to Jets.
  11. Flacco brings no energy or confidence to the offense. I actually wanted to put White in the game.
  12. Every time the camera pans to Gase, he is writing something. What could he possibly be writing besides this team sucks?
  13. JD is doing a rebuild, something we should have done a few years ago. I said before the season started we'd be lucky to win 4 games this year. I think I over rated the roster with that pick. It all depends what JD does next year. We should be able to attract a good coach with all the draft picks and cap money JD has accumulated. The wild card is making sure we draft well with those picks.
  14. We'd still be 0-5 if we didn't trade Adams. Getting the draft compensation JD got was definately worth it in my opinion. We need to make those picks count when we draft and get some starters.
  15. Not sure how you grade JDs draft bad because the players he took got injured?
  16. If Jets get first pick it's a win win situation. They either take Laurence or trade down for mucho picks. Just not like Parcells did it.
  17. Anyone have a link to game for out of state people?
  18. I think Prescott has a huge year this season.
  19. I agree. I don't see us winning more than 4 games this season, so let our rookies get playing time. We have high picks next season. No one knows what the cap will be next year, so lets carry over cap space so we can sign good players that the teams up against the cap have to cut next season.
  20. Some Jet fans wanted him gone after last year.
  21. I find it hard to believe that with all the cuts from 31 teams, we couldn't find at least one better player than what we have?
  22. Now trade the 2nd rounder we got to the Jaguars for Ngokoue. Then we get 2 first rounders, Ngokoue, and McDonald for Adams.
  23. Why aren't we looking at Wohlford?
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