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  1. Thats what i remember as well. Foley sucked tho..... He had that one good game Still wear his jersey sometimes lol
  2. Ive been a suffering fan for decades.... 1998 was my only year old of true glee. After that, almost nothing but disappointment. Many times ive said "man this year is going to be different" BUT THIS YEAR ITS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT!
  3. Wait!! Just checked... Its all there now! Downloading thrack., red, beat and 3 of a perfect lair right now. Thanks for tbe info.. Tbis is better than gases crazy eyes
  4. His son is the bassist in TAUK. TAUK is a fantastic band. If your into talented fusion jam groove instrumental bands check em out and thank me later
  5. This is an amusing review. Got to hand it to the 80s metal gods that are still doing it. They have no other skills to fall back on and therefore no source of income so they milk it for all its worth. Everything you said is exactly what id expect to see right down to the picks and empty cabs. Sadly, i frequent this metal and rock site called blabbermouth.net and it is nothing but sad old washed up rock and metal guys giving their boring opinions on just about anything and commenting and promoting their new projects. Kind of like if rudy sarzo, david coverdale, yngwie, carmine apice and the kb player from europe put out a record. Then the bassist from humble pie will talk about trump. Then the singer from Anvil will offer his opinions on touring in 2018 and the music scene in general. Like an icepick in your eyes..... Why do i go there
  6. Hmmmm have to disagree. Joe is solid and talented. But ok
  7. For whatever reason, perhaps luck, talent or god knows what combination Bowles was an OK DC in arizona. After watching his NYJ defense, he sucks. Enough ready Id say best case scenario he is an average DC at best
  8. Polite > winovic All this bad character stuff with Polite is fake news. He was a great player for FL and never got in trouble. Wth?
  9. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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