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  1. Ive been a loyal PATIENT fan since the early 80s. Enough is enough. I am not watching this bs. Life is too short. In the meantime I am rooting for the Bills, another underdog story and quite frankly the only REAL ny football team anyway. I am also rooting a bit for the bucs since I live here and they are fun to watch. I am starting to come to the realization that choosing 1 team arbitrarily as a kid and sticking with them for life is not wise. I am still a jet fan.... but right now this train wreck does not deserve my time
  2. lots of words when the whole article can be summed up in one sentence: Weve identified dna and the Suffolk police department is corrupt. It will be interesting when and if they ever find this person.
  3. I had season tickets. I went to every game. That team was WAY better than this. Gase's jets are the new low point
  4. Only 2 guitarist changed things.......first jimmi then eddie. Nobody else in that league
  5. IDK why people on this board LOVE to say Darnold hasn't proven squat but in the same breath mention we could have taken Watson. Watson sucks and hasn't done squat either!
  6. Looks like the D is NOT missing Jamal much at all. All by design. Good job JD
  7. Not true. The difference is Maye is a man, Jamal was a narcissistic diva that tweeted like a 14 year old girl
  8. No deal without a long term contract. I don't mind paying this talent, but to waste a 2nd round pick just to have him tease us with skills in a year that we arent going to the superbowl before splitting is absolutely foolish
  9. Im more impressed with his ability to morph classic songs together than the bot lyrics!
  10. I have traded a set of qsc loudspeaker for a BEAUTIful limited edition 2008 Taylor 426ce in mint shape with case. All tasmanian blackwood. I only traded because everyone is broke due to covid and I cant put the qsc's on reverb or ebay because they are too heavy to ship. The guitar? I can ship that. So if anyone is interested....Ive done my research. it was $2100 new in 2008 and Ive seen em sell for 1600-1800 Ill take $1500 and free shipping to my jet friends let me know
  11. A cheap simple looper pedal is a lot of fun especially when you start learning basic solos. The tc electronic one.....forget the name, is a good simple one that's under 100 bucks
  12. And a word of advice: While TABS can be great, MANY of the things people post are wrong. I'm not talking a little wrong I'm talking tone deaf wrong. So if it sounds right, great. if it sounds funny, move to another tab
  13. I think if you can just play the basic chords in the first position until you can switch cleanly and quickly at will you will be on your way: A Am C D Dm E Em F(the worst chord ever) G Do you know how man songs, hit songs, are based on only G C D?
  14. wait.....the bot just wrote the lyrics right? Where did the music come from?
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