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  1. Because it was all a smoke screen in GB. All those wins, playoff victories and Super Bowl. Check that..it was all because of Rodgers. And speaking of Rodgers, McCarthy should of won more games with a QB like that. Oh, and don't forget he's fat and not as good looking as these younger coaches. He would of been a nightmare with the Jets
  2. And this is why I have the Sunday Ticket. Miami is playing hard.
  3. The Jets are in 4 down territory. For the rest of the game.
  4. But Mike McCarthy doesn't have a clue how to coach.
  5. The Fins, while losing, look more prepared with better effort.
  6. I'm trying decide which is more putrid. The OL or DL?
  7. And this is my point. If there is a stud tackle that you know won't slip past the 1st round why skip on him only to take "best player" where the need is not as great,
  8. The lack of success with this team is an indictment of the “best player available” strategy in the Draft. Need at position is a given. An absolute. How a given draft pick will perform is a crap shoot. The Jets NEEDS over the past years have been edge pass rusher and OL only to be ignored. WR to a lesser extent more due to Mac’s inability to evaluate talent. I just hope Mr. Douglas operates differently.
  9. Robbie Anderson wouldn't make the practice squad of any other team.
  10. Get rid of Williams and Robbie. Trade Jamal Maye is way better than Adams.

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