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  1. And this should surprise no one. The Board of J&J wanted him no where near them. Only a moron like Trump would appoint a moron like Woody Johnson to be our ambassador to GB. Some of these posts are not that significant. Our Embassy in London is not one of those.
  2. There's no offset on Todd's salary he's getting from the Bucs? It's worth everything in the world to get this mess cleaned up. That is if the Johnson brothers even give a spit. And if they do they can afford it.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think he was running for his life there as opposed to a designed play. I hear what you're saying though.
  4. Why the hell would we want a proven winner as head coach with vast playoff experience and a Super Bowl under his belt?
  5. As I remember last year Bates had Sam rolling out on more plays. I happen to think that works to one of Sam's strengths, throwing on the run. We just don't seem to see that this year. I also think it might take some pressure off the O line.
  6. Bump o rama. If I ran a McDonalds franchise like the Johnson's run this team I'd be closed down by corporate.
  7. Scott Frost after he gets canned from Nebraska. By the way....all you experts that slammed the notion of hiring McCarthy should go to the corner of the room for a time out.
  8. What about the morons that buy this gear? I’m not even talking about the fan base of good teams. You’re paying out the @ss to promote some billionaires billion dollar business. They should be paying YOU to wear their gear. And by the way, if you’re over I don’t know maybe 16, you look like a major tool wear a football jersey.
  9. Let's not get carried away. He's a safety.
  10. Oz. Blank check and the promise to keep the Woody and his brother Fredo far away from the building.
  11. LOL Jesus. OJ Howard is the Bucs version of Leonard Williams. So much promise not much production.
  12. This all day long. I must say after all the warnings about this guy in terms of attitude he has been nothing but a professional and a good teammate. At least from the fan perspective. But he's a luxury for teams that aren't completely dysfunctional and have decent O line players.
  13. Completely different. I've never seen an organization go out of its way to humiliate an opposing player like that. Not cool.
  14. I hate to bring up the subject of Sam’s “seeing ghosts” comments because it’s so over blown but hey…the rest of the world hates the Jets, the kid had an awful game and people are pricks. But I must say the prank that the Jags/TIAA Bank Field people pulled at the end of the game was absolutely over the top not cool. For those that didn’t see it they played a “ greatest hits” of Sam’s day (throwing picks getting sacked) with the theme music of Ghostbusters in the back round. I can’t remember a stadium PR staff singling out and trying to embarrass an opposing player like that. Not a very professional or nice thing to do.

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