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  1. SF is a mirror image of their GM during his playing days. Smart and tough x 100. Anyone have the pleasure of watching Lynch lay guys out? He was a beast.
  2. The kid is nuts if he stays there another year.
  3. Let's not lose sight of the fact that Samuel is going into his 3rd year already. Before we know it HIS contract will be up. Wouldn't it be nice to surround him young studs and see what he can do? I'm not going to get emotional over a SS. I want to score and score some more. As someone earlier so eloquently put it.....f&ck the defense.
  4. I'm with you brother! It's time to load up that wagon with offensive studs.
  5. You're the smartest guy on this board. Next to me of course:)
  6. Take a deep breath. Addition by subtraction. The Jets needs to fill many holes. They need picks. And most importantly they need to protect Samuel and give him legit weapons.
  7. Agreed. Their OL is as bad as the Jets and their midget QB needs protection.
  8. I meant to say multiple picks. Make the best deal possible and let's load up on offense.
  9. Dallas or any other suitor that wants to give up a 1st. This draft is deep with WR and OL? Fantastic. All the more reason to gather more picks. I love Jamal but his new contract is going to be a sh&t show on steroids. Now is the time to strike.
  10. Are you comparing the talent on the Eagles with the Jets? By way....Twitter is buzzing with props to Flores down in Miami on how they finished so strong with so little "talent". COY consideration. And rightfully so. The same can and should be said about Gase.
  11. You people embarrass yourself. The Jets fielded scrubs. Jesus H Mother of Mary.
  12. Maybe overrated by some including himself. He's not a number 1 WR by any stretch. No pun:) The last half of the season he fought for some balls which was nice to see. I would not sign him to a big contract.
  13. Really good? 2 years ago he passed on a QB heavy drafty class with Eli one step out the door only to reach for Jones this year. He set that franchise back years with his picks.
  14. Please stop the narrative that they beat a bunch of backup players. The Jets are a collective of backups. I'm not a Gase fan and had wished they went with McCarthy. Having said that could Gase have been dealt a worse hand in terms of injuries and illness? As someone mentioned in an earlier post, he kept this team together in the second half to go 6-2. Pretty impressive. And all of the above can be said about Darnold. This guy was left with 3rd stringers in play with. That and having to deal with recovering from mono I thought the kid did fairly well. The reality is Gase going nowhere so let's see what he along with Douglas can do next year with hopefully a healthier group.
  15. Is he still on the roster? How the "experts" can get it so wrong about a draft prospect is beyond me. Has he made an impact play this year?
  16. And this should surprise no one. The Board of J&J wanted him no where near them. Only a moron like Trump would appoint a moron like Woody Johnson to be our ambassador to GB. Some of these posts are not that significant. Our Embassy in London is not one of those.
  17. There's no offset on Todd's salary he's getting from the Bucs? It's worth everything in the world to get this mess cleaned up. That is if the Johnson brothers even give a spit. And if they do they can afford it.
  18. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think he was running for his life there as opposed to a designed play. I hear what you're saying though.
  19. Why the hell would we want a proven winner as head coach with vast playoff experience and a Super Bowl under his belt?
  20. As I remember last year Bates had Sam rolling out on more plays. I happen to think that works to one of Sam's strengths, throwing on the run. We just don't seem to see that this year. I also think it might take some pressure off the O line.
  21. Bump o rama. If I ran a McDonalds franchise like the Johnson's run this team I'd be closed down by corporate.
  22. Scott Frost after he gets canned from Nebraska. By the way....all you experts that slammed the notion of hiring McCarthy should go to the corner of the room for a time out.

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