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  1. Big deal. You can play golf anyplace in the south right about now. Near water? Jump in.
  2. The Colts can clinch next game if the chips fall right. Crusher deals with whole hogs. Chops are like wings.
  3. They were supposed to move that NFL team because nobody showed up.
  4. Hiring the best CPAs in the business will fix paying too much in taxes.
  5. Maybe no Lawrence. The Jaguars could still win another game. The Colts could rest their starters' vs Jax with a playoff berth sewed up.
  6. The # 1 ;pick in the 2021 draft is worried about having enough money to pay taxes? Also, dont quite a few NFL players have homes in FLA and claim FLA as their residence to avoid the tax burden of a Mass, NY or Cal? I thought that I read that someplace.
  7. Jax has 1 win too. Why would Lawrence want to go there?
  8. Do they have lots of crabs for Jameis off the NY coast? Winston threw 30 INTs in 2019.
  9. Im not sold on Lawrence yet. Can you lay out the case on why the Jets should take him?
  10. Lou Saban did. If youre hiring an NFL HC, then the NCAA shouldn't matter. Who cares when college football is night and day different than professional. I would be more interested in whether or not my new HC hire can compete vs the best football players in the world as Harbaugh has. A fraction of the players at Michigan and the Big 10 will make the NFL.
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