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  1. Boycott Papa Johns. Which you likely do already because Mom and Pop NY Italian pie is the best in the country.
  2. Bad karma and I doubt Shane, BP, GOB, Max, S FlaJets and many other would go there. The minute you get all c0cky something bad happens.
  3. The Jets are bad because of Trevor Lawrence. Must have him.
  4. Its somewhat different when your team never wins and you would like to see a Super Bowl win before you die.
  5. Giants fans were the first to wait outside the stadium to call me a loser. Thats sad.
  6. Quite a few Gmen fans live their lives through the team. When the team is winning they have the jersey on with their chests puffed out like bad asses.
  7. Again I was commenting that when Rex went to the Bills, he boasted and made promises regarding the playoffs, the Super Bowl and the Patriot's. When nothing came to fruition, that is when Rex was run out of town. He did not even get 2 full seasons in Buffalo after he coached 6 full seasons with the Jets. Think Buffalo Bills and that ESPN has absolutely nothing to do with my comments and youll be flying straight.
  8. Yo If you go back and take the time to comprehend what I was originally responding to you, will discover that we were discussing the Buffalo Bills and their 4 - 3 defense. Not the Jets. Your subsequent reply to me was obscure. Just sayin.
  9. Ya, Rex talked more than that. http://thecomeback.com/freezingcoldtakes/nfl/remembering-rex-ryans-buffalo-bills-introduction-were-not-going-to-get-pushed-around-i-can-promise-you-that.html
  10. If you were a fan of another AFC team you hated Rex. He would start up crap and if the other team responded, then he would claim that he was the injured party and the Jets team would rally around him ready to bust heads. Beating Brady and the Patriots in NE during the post season was huge. The only other teams to do it were the Ravens and the Titans last season. Rex had the Jets too amped up for the AFC Championship. He needs to learn how to let of the gas and not let the team get burned out.
  11. Rex made too many Super Bowl promises and predictions of the Patriots demise.
  12. AB arrived at the Raiders facility in a hot air balloon. Surely he can do better than a run if the mill Bentley.
  13. Because the Bills had 4 - 3 personnel and Rex was a 3 - 4 guy. The Jets had 2009 - 1st ranked defense, 2010 - 6th ranked and 2011 - 3rd ranked. The Rex cant coach defense narrative doesnt fly.

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