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  1. Yes he is a weapon. Dude is really good but was over shadowed by the Bengals WR corp which I believe to be the best in the NFL.
  2. Its going to end someday. The change starts with a GM who hires a HC and then the team drafts the franchise QB.
  3. The Broncos changed and became winners. The Buccaneers changed and became winners. The Seahawks changed and became winners. The Patriots changed and became winners. Green has been nothing but bad luck since Joe Namath. Joe was the coolest athlete in the country with lots of money and pussy. Look at him now. Peddling Medicare plans to "Ive fallen down and I cant get up" people so get what they deserve. God help us. Time to blow it up and break the cycle of misery for a bold new image.
  4. Who was the Jets QB of the future? High character Farve propositioning that female Jets sideline reporter via text with pics of his little smokie? Thomas Jones and Leon Washington were on the downhill slide and never achieved the same success that they had with the Jets. Shaun Ellis got paid millions to play dominoes in the New England locker room. He was a ghost defensively and spent physically. Faneca played 1 more season after leaving NY and called it a career. Rex brought in players that turned the 18th ranked defense into the best # 1 defense in the NFL.
  5. Rex should have gone the Vet QB route. 2009 wasnt a good QB draft and neither was 2010. He was trying to build the Jets for the long haul and took a gamble.
  6. Rex took over a 9 - 7 team with a HOF QB, that had the 18th ranked defense and that sat home for the playoffs. Mangini was supposed to be a defensive genius. In 1 offseason, Rex took a rookie QB to the AFC Championship. The Jets defense went from the 18th to 1st in the NFL.
  7. There is no shortage of stupid NFL franchises passing on good HCs and we do not know if Rex has been offered NFL HC jobs. Who else is out there twice coaching his team within 1 game of the super bowl? Who else is out there taking out P Manning and Brady 2 first ballot HOF QBs in the post season? Dont look now, but the Patriots have adopted Rexs style and are playing defense and pounding the ball with the run. Parcells and Rex have been the most successful Jets HCs since Weeb.
  8. Id like to see Rex go to the Bears. Nagy is another clueless spectator and rumor has it today is his last day.
  9. NY Jets record first 3 seasons Parcells 1st yr 8 - 8 2nd yr 12 - 4 lost AFCC 3rd yr 9 - 7 29 wins - 19 losses - 1 win - 1 loss post season Rex 1st yr 9 - 7 lost AFCC 2nd yr 11 - 5 lost AFCC 3rd yr 8 - 8 28 wins - 20 losses - 4 wins - 2 losses post season Virtually identical regular season win and loss percentages, but Parcells is a God and Rex a $hitbum. Rexs mistake was not getting out of Dodge like Parcells did. Both of Rexs losing seasons came at the end of the Sanchez and Geno eras.
  10. Rex will win a Super Bowl with his next team. He will be back.
  11. Rex is paid to be either the Hero or the Villain. You can pick just about any sports talking head and find polar opposite quotes.
  12. Belichick loses his cool. Jimmy Johnson did. Parcells did not stand there like a statue and take it. Bill Cowher flipped out spitting everywhere. Bash Rex all you want, but back to back AFC Championships trumps bending over and taking it in the shorts with a smile.
  13. Did you get lucky that night at the bar? What was his name?
  14. The Browns losing Chubbs has a huge impact. Jones might lay an egg in Atlanta. Then watch everyone come back to reality.
  15. Losing does not seem to bother Saleh all that much from my observations. Similar to Bowles, hes standing on the sideline with the same look on his face.
  16. Saleh and Woody vs Rex and Rob. 12 rounds. No folding chairs or kicking in the nutsak.
  17. Change takes time. Rex isnt a 4 - 3 coach. His success with the Ravens was with the 3 - 4 and the Jets went to consecutive AFC Championships in the 3 - 4. The 15th ranked defense does not suck. Its still better than 17 other teams. Rex is right.
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