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  1. I also think that there is a possibility that Lions take Tua and Miami then goes with Herbert. I would bet with all the OL problems that Giants have had they draft A Thomas. I think it will be more like this: CIN - Burrow WAS - Young DET - Tua NYG - A Thomas MIA - Herbert LAC - Wirfs CAR - Brown ARZ - Wills JAX - Okudah CLE - Jackson/ Becton NYJ - Lamb/ Jeudy
  2. I think its more realistic then not that at least 3 OL go before the Jets pick at 11... although in this scenario I would rather they jumped on Lamb and not go for an edge rusher
  3. Still better then what they currently have and if he struggles you move him inside. He was a starting tackle on one of the run heaviest squads out there. It doesn't matter. You can't be picky... The Jets are in a mess and need talent to get out... and he is young.
  4. conklin is 25 coming off his rookie deal... In what world is that old? http://www.nfl.com/player/jackconklin/2555279/profile
  5. If Drake was so great why was he benched in Miami, after Gase left and in college for Yeldon as @T0mShane pointed out. I think there is an attitude problem with him that he isn't picking up blocks or freelancing too much... There is something up if he is consistently benched by more coaches then just Gase. Also Drake thriving in ARZ may have more to do with the style of offense the Kingsbury is running and opportunity because they had no-one else. The type of back Gase needs is Freeman type RB... This year he needed a Derek Henry type for Bettis type back to wear out defenses because the Jets didn't have a bruiser... But Freeman type style would be great for Gase in the future with a competent line (One cut and hit the hole hard with good hands).
  6. You can Trade him at a cost of a few million, if you cut him it will cost his salary this year plus the rest of his signing bonus... I think 19 Million total but I could be wrong. And then any team can sign him for a double dip.
  7. Its Bullsh*t... If you take down Beltran... you have to take down them all... This is a big cluster... Don't have a double standard... He was a Player at the time. If this is how its going to go.... burn it all down.... Next Altuve and Bregman
  8. Winfield is going to be a player in the NFL... I wouldn't hold what Red McCombs and his father did against his son. It was screwed up but it happens... They are different people. I think they need to keep Beachum and Niang to guard. Move Edoga inside and try to steal Conklin with an overpay contract from Tenn.
  9. My draft: I feel like they have to get a cooper in FA with this draft.

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