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  1. Worldwide? Italy, Shut down over this... Although it is a bad case of the Flu as you put it but so was SARS and Swine flu and last I heard 41 Million people got the swine flu in the US and now its considered a common strand of the flu. Although some media is overblowing the situation, the rapid rate at which it is being contracted is not a joke and any way to slow down the spread while hospitals and health care providers can catch up is extremely helpful as they are going to be overwhelmed in the next few weeks/ months with sick individuals.
  2. Won't happen... The more likely scenario is that it all tapers off after flu season much like SARS, H1N1, MERS, etc.. etc..
  3. RA at 15 Mill and Cooper at 18 Mill. I would take Cooper in a heartbeat. Cooper has shown the ability to be a #1 WR... RA has not.. that said... with those price tags, I would just draft a few extra WRs and pick up a DT and Perriman/Allison in FA.
  4. GAP Closed!!! Superbowl, here we come.
  5. But Alshon Jeffery showed that he was a #1 before that contract and played like a #1 WR. Sanders is a good argument for those RA Hopefuls but that means that you have to pay him top 15 WR money before he shows it. Sanders was not given top 15 WR money until after he performed. AJ Green is a top 5 WR in the NFL when healthy... sure he hasn't been the last 2 years but RA will never be as good as AJ was... Tyrell Williams showed he could be a #1 WR when AB left... then got hurt... RA has never shown he could carry the load... all of these WR you listed showed they could carry the load at one point in their career, accept Tyrell Williams and Parker... I just don't think he is even close to that level.
  6. You don't trade for a player that is at the end of a contract wanting a huge payday from the team that trades for him... It always turns out bad... Plus you are giving up Capital for a player that you are going to have to give him huge FA money... give me a break... thats what bad teams do
  7. What makes you think that Robby Anderson wasn't going to FA no matter what. He said multiple times that he would like to play for the Jets at the right price but wants to test the market. Your assumption that the Jets could have extended him is a stretch based on the majority of the reports out there. And good... I hope some team offers a huge contract to him... less money in the pool and high compensatory pick if JD manipulates the formula correctly. You think he is worth top 15 WR money... I don't... lets leave it at that because obviously we are not going to agree. Just for sh*ts and giggles Here is a list of the Top 24 WR contracts... Please list Who you think RA is better then! I would argue that he isn't even close to as good as a single player on this sheet. Every single one of them has had 1000+ yard season... And this is every WR making more then 10 Mill a year... please understand... I think he is good but I would take every single one of these WRs without a second thought over him... Again good WR... not on this tier... Sorry..
  8. The difference is you can pay someone like Lazard or Allison 6 Mill a year and possibly even get 2 of them for the price of Robby at 13.5... He is not worth it. Maybe its bad QB play... but all of those games were with Darnold at various points throughout the year... The bigger point is that Robby has had years to prove his worth and in his defining year he disappeared at times. At 13.5 Mill a year you need to be spending that on a player that makes a difference. Robby has not proven he can. I like him... I said as much... but Jets need difference makers... not burners earning top WR money... 8-10 a year... understandable... 12 is an overpay.... 13-15 is just spending dumb money...
  9. My point is that Donte Stallworth and Robby Anderson are similar route runners and have similar stats... Everyone thought Stallworth would be better... got a contract to go Philly and did nothing and then moved to pats and nothing and... then CLE, Wash, and NE again still with a mediocre career... they are more similar then you think. Robby disappears in a year he needed to ball out. Sure some was QB inconsistency... but 1 or 2 catches in 6 games that year... come on... The only 2 games he actually played well were the two games that they were missing many players in the secondary... Bengals and Miami... His first game in Miami, he did nothing... He is not good enough to get paid more then Crowder... Period Stop. I like the way RA tracks the ball. I would love him to stay on the Jets as a piece... Pay him like a high end #2 low end #1... umm no... at this point he has shown nothing to prove that he is going to get better then last year. He has had 4 years to prove it and very little has been proven. As for replacing him... its actually not that hard... there are tons of inexpensive alternatives to him. Lazard Perriman Robinson Allison Agholor Cole Higgins Doss Coleman Although you may not agree they have the same potential has RA.
  10. Of course the 2 years where the Jets don't have a top 6 pick out of the last 5 are the 2 drafts where teams are going to pay big capital to move up.
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