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  1. Give them Leo for what though??? what player would they be willing to part with... The whole league has a CB issue. I doubt they trade one of them. Jets don't need more RBs. Both Jeffery and Jackson went down last night, so I doubt they would give up Agholor.
  2. Did you miss the fact I had a thread already started for this and you had to start a new one?
  3. Mason Rudolph looked better then Ben in Limited time
  4. There were a ton of injuries this week... None bigger then Brees.
  5. He said he will be brought up at some point... My guess is they are waiting till the last minute so that whoever they cut doesn't get picked up for this weekends games.
  6. Browns this week NE next week Bye Eagles... Umm.. after eagles is 4 weeks Unless you are including the Bills game day as the start.
  7. 3-4 weeks... Not the end of the world as this forum would lead you to believe... Within that time, you could now pen in the loss @ NE and Philly... Best case he is back for Cowboys and the Jets are 1-3 with a win on Monday night or 0-4 with a loss on Monday night... Although schedule readers and forecasters will tell you how doomed the Jets are, I think especially Monday night they are going to put up a huge fight, and rally around Sam... The 2 losses that are probably inevitable are the NE, Eagles weeks as these 2 are superbowl favorites... but Cowboys can be beaten by limiting Zeke and forcing Dak to throw outside, and there defense isn't great, but the Jets will have back Copeland and Herndon by then which will help. After the Second NE game they have an easy schedule... They still have to win them... but I say if Sam makes it back by Cowboy game or the Second NE game... they should still be able to make the playoffs... But what do I know... I am sure I will get flamed for this.
  8. Still its the easiest schedule in the NFL... whether its easy for the Jets or not

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