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  1. Dolan said no... So it didn't happen... He is still pissed he didn't win against Woody Johnson bid for the Jets after Hess died... Jets are not getting their own stadium until they change ownership and/or move to a new city.
  2. What does a swan, an ape suit and metal trash can lid have to do with conspiracy theories
  3. Why is Mosley not on IR yet... Ridiculous... Hoping he comes back and plays the last 2 meaningless games?
  4. Manish isn't helping anything... He is trying to stir up controversy... If the Jets were undefeated (HAHAHA) he would be writing articles on how Woody is jealous of his brothers quick success and wants to come back to prove that he is the better owner. Its not actual reporting... Its called 'clickbait' for a reason.
  5. We found Manish.... thanks, I now know, and put you on ignore.
  6. Mehta is not a reporter. He is the narrator for Reality TV... None of what he writes is fully true. He finds evidence to support the most controversial narrative in order to get the most people clicking on his articles and so his articles get talked about in every circle to get more viewers... He has no sense of right and wrong, he is simply trying to figure out the opposite of what the majority say in order to get the most views... Its smart really, the same schtick that ESPN does with Skip Bayless and Steven A Smith... these are characters with terrible takes in order to get more viewers... To take this garbage as actually credible is a joke. Mehta has no more sources since Heimerdinger got canned with the other worthless GM. Mehta doesn't care to be write or wrong... He is an entertainer and not a journalist.... The sooner you realize this the less you will want to discuss.
  7. 35-42 412 Yards - 4 TDs 0 Ints... Bell - 126 Yds 1 TD - 8 catches for 57 Yards 1 TD Herndon - 5 - 60 yds - 1 Td Anderson - 7 - 148 Yds - 2 Tds Crowder - 11 - 115 Yads
  8. Maybe... Or they are just content getting it in the off season... He still has 2 more years of control. They can trade in the off season when there is more of a market
  9. Ok dude, since you don't even know who Josina Anderson is...
  10. Sounds like Dallas offered 2 firsts and it wasn't enough
  11. They haven't been part of the company in more then a decade... this has nothing to do with them

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