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  1. I think Godwin is a stud. Would love to have him or Arob here. If we end up with Samuel or Juju instead.....meh.
  2. No idea if that number is true but DJ works year round unlike Kiper that comes out of his hole once draft starts.
  3. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/nfl-draft-free-agency-news-rumors-2021-senior-bowl/ A person in the know would not tell me directly if the Jets would be one of the teams in hot pursuit of Thuney. Rather, he said it will come down to money offered and the contract. The Jets are expected to have a lot of money available under the cap once free agency commences. So, as was implied to me by the source, draw your own conclusions.
  4. Interesting. They sure do have a Gator obsession.
  5. He literally explained it in his article why he has him lower then Slater. -Balance issues -Hands get too wide, allows defenders to get underneath -Gets too upright on occasion -Lunges and ends on the ground more then you’d like -Not as polished but huge upside
  6. Because he knows his sht and most NFL draft heads agree with him. Feel like him, Mayock (wont be seeing those anymore) and Cosell are the top guys I'd wanna listen to when ranking prospects. But sure we can list off Matt Millers top 10 to change things up.
  7. It's too early to tell. They don't have a HC yet. All we know is Watson is upset with the team but hasn't requested a trade or anything yet. I assume once there's a staff in place, they'll try to mend things over. But if that fails, who knows what will happen.
  8. Absolutely not. Unless this is Megatron 2.0, there's no way I'm taking a WR at 2. QB or trade down.
  9. It’s because the owner can’t operate a team and doesn’t really want to. He got it handed to him after his father passed away and now has no idea how to actually run the thing. Thus letting Esterby run the show because he doesn’t want to.

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