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  1. They can be competitive next year if they play this off season right. Surrounding Darnold with help and protection, get guys back from injury, maybe hitting on an udfa and we're in business.
  2. Oh. Well either way. My point stands lol. Should be a priority to sign him.
  3. My observation is we need to go after Matthew Judon. He’s a free agent and I think he’ll test the market. Ozzie will let him go and get his comp pick. Hes a beast and great teammate, exactly what Douglas is looking for and fills a huge hole. He’ll be 28 but I think it’d be a good signing for this team.
  4. I’d give them a conditional 5th. That should get it done.
  5. Just focus all offense. Then defense following year. Then third year a mix. And then we’re in good shape.
  6. Should’ve had a TD before but instead he was throwing to a practice squad guy.
  7. Bad INT but I’m encouraged. Get this man an actual NFL roster around him quick Douglas!
  8. Eh I’m chalking that up to the scrubs and not Darnold. You’re still the man Sam
  9. That’s where your want your WR1 to go up and manhandle that to a TD.
  10. We’re fielding a 4th preseason game team vs Super Bowl contenders.

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