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  1. He dropped off that much since last year? He was 94 and 95% on his FGs and XPs.
  2. Then go back under the rock where you came from.
  3. Why not just Matt Bryant? Seems like the easiest choice.
  4. Let me tell you what matters. A f’n QB. And we got one. But yeah, Gase helps too.
  5. Next man up. And it’s cool. We still got Sammy D.
  6. -I’m in love with this offense and the marriage between Gase and Darnold will be a thing of beauty. The OL hasn’t been perfect as Darnold has had to escape some pressure but give him a pocket and he’ll become one of the best IMO. - I wouldn’t play Montgomery anymore this preseason. Let McGuire, Powell and Valentine run it out. I’m over Cannon. He’s just not a good runner. -Id keep Burnett and Dortch as the 5 and 6th WRs. - I can’t believe the offense has run so smoothly and we still have Bell to fit into it. It’s a great place to be. Gase is gonna have a ton of fun.
  7. Wait. He’s making the team but the issue is he really thinks he’s got a roster spot locked up?? Come again.
  8. I’m just gonna assume that with Bell we’d run that 3rd and 1.
  9. It did. But the OL also got pushed back pretty hard and prettt quickly.
  10. Shells knee better not be a big issue. Crazy the injuries on this OL
  11. Williams getting punished on this drive. Welp. Nvm. Got a flag.

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