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  1. Get ready for it. Prime time, torched by newly signed Blake Bortles.
  2. No thanks. He’s sucked since Reich and DeFilippo left.
  3. That quote just adds more pain. You had a pass called but because one WR went down...you couldn’t do it anymore???? Is that the end of your playbook?! His excuses are almost as bad as his coaching.
  4. I’m sure you’re a big Jamal Adams fan but I’m sorry to say, he never wanted to stay.
  5. It’s the Jets. It’s never gonna be an attractive job. I think the teams who might change coaches are Atlanta, Minnesota, Detroit, and maybe Philly. Throw the Jets in there and we’re def at the bottom of choices.
  6. Cool. He dropped one. Players never do that.
  7. Gore will continue to see the bulk while Perrine gets garbage time.
  8. You’re right, should have had this. Easy catch.
  9. He’s done nothing. Just like the rest of the fn offense. Yes he dropped a TD pass, it happens. What other clear drops were there? Still would be nice if he was actually utilized more and not just used to block.
  10. They had Gore run to the right between Griffin and Herndon on a stretch. This is how our brilliant HC is using these guys.
  11. I’m defending Herndon all day. He is a weapon and our idiot HC is having him block majority of the time. Griffin is a weapon, barely used. Perrine is weapon, used only in garbage time. Bell is a weapon, used only to run up the gut. Let me know when a player shines and improves under Gase.
  12. And this is exactly why Christopher Johnson will hire him. Look at what this genius did in KC. He produced the top offense in the league baby!
  13. Pretty sure Hogan would still be the #1 despite drafting another WR. Wish we drafted another too. Still wouldn’t help much.
  14. So you want a new GM is what you’re saying? You’ve seen enough of Douglas.

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