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  1. If he gets around Mekhi, do we label him a bust, and his Douglas then on the hot seat? Lame duck GM can’t even pick a LT that can stop a small safety.
  2. Back up, failed QBs make the best coaches. Everyone should know this by now. That’s not sarcasm either.
  3. Stupid because they’re ignoring the social distancing or stupid because the workouts mean nothing in the long run?
  4. Just called Sam and asked, he told me to f off. Throwing to his WR won’t decide the season but how quickly they gel will....which could be worked on....by throwing to his WRs...
  5. He just posted a story on IG, he’s currently golfing with Kyle Allen in CA.
  6. Bills getting together, working out. Ive seen other teams doing it too. Sam, whatchu waiting for?! Should be throwing to Mims at least 300 times a day.
  7. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29230831/jets-wr-quincy-enunwa-not-giving-playing-again-neck-injury?platform=amp Good to hear things improved with communication between him and the front office. Feels like Douglas really made it a point to improve in that area. Where Gase might have just done things without explaining anything. Would be amazing for Enunwa to play, always thought he’d be a beast if he played a full season. BUT that’s a pipe dream at this point.
  8. I thought he was saying that Adams was being a baby not because of JD taking calls but because he didn’t get traded to Dallas. Or something like that. I don’t know anymore!
  9. It’s already told. -Trade deadline approaches. Reports go out that Adams could be on the block and Jets are taking calls from teams. -Adams hears this, is baffled such a thing could happen because he’s black jesus and untouchable. And no such thing should happen. -Adams and Clark exchange texts, Adams saying if they’re gonna trade him, then Dallas is where he wants to be. -Adams gets all pissy at JD because he did his job of taking calls even though you don’t trade mr. untouchable. -And that’s basically it. Quite simple really.
  10. Never seen someone have this story so wrong lol. Did you just make up your own story?
  11. 4,841 people are talking about this Yes. After hearing he was being dangled in trade talks, that was his destination of choice. Not sure what’s so hard to understand here lol
  12. What are you hooligans talking about? Adams got pissed because the Jets were taking calls on trading him. Hence the “you don’t take calls on Tom Brady and Donald”. Not pissed because he wasn’t traded to Dallas. He thinks he’s untouchable and shouldn’t be brought up at all.
  13. Next year?? Don’t need to talk contract with Sam until after the 2021 season. If he plays great for the next 2 years then you exercise the option and start talking.

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