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  1. I’m aware. But they “showed” 7. Either way. Everyone sucked. Coaches and Sam. So
  2. Actually it’s 7 rushers against 6. Hence the free rusher on the right side. 3 also dropped back into coverage.
  3. Well you hope the new GM doesn’t suck and can hit on those 4th round picks.
  4. I’d wanna keep him to have as a deep threat. And I also hate the idea of getting rid of weapons for a young QB instead of adding. But then again, you should be able to find that in the later rounds for cheap.
  5. Yes but we know he’s a good qb so it’s okay. We don’t know what Sam is, sooooo it’s not ok.
  6. Yes he was there. Everyone was.
  7. The thing with yesterday was that there was pressure with no plan on how to handle it. It was a free blitzer in your face while Gase is running normal long routes.
  8. Because Gase doesn’t mind it. I also don’t think they expected to get embarrassed. “No don’t mic up Sam, we’re gonna suck tonight”
  9. You still have the rest of the season to evaluate him. If he plays THIS bad the whole way, then yeah you might wanna look elsewhere. I really don’t think he will. But either way I’d rather work on building the oline up then doing a qb carousel.
  10. Been terrible but has he once had a chance to drop back and breathe? Sure doesn’t feel like it. This oline is straight trash.
  11. Really wish he didn’t tell Sam to fumble and throw the two picks
  12. They’re just not that good a team. Getting beat by a much superior team. Is what it is.
  13. I don’t watch any falcons football but to me that looks like a pretty talented roster. I don’t know how you continue to suck so bad. They need a new identity on the coaching side of things.

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