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  1. For sure, still tough pursuing your dream as a professional football player and failing at all levels.
  2. What exactly are we late to? Nothing has started yet.
  3. Probably because regardless of his running start, he throws it with little effort, quick motion and despite double coverage, hits his WR right in the hands. And yes Lamar is a stud for that throw as well.
  4. I can't imagine Josh Allen being anywhere what he is now with Adam Gase.
  5. He's good when he's actually healthy, but that hasn't been too often lately.
  6. Actually wouldn't mind this. I don't think any of these guys are head and shoulders above the rest. Trade down, gain more picks, still take talented rookie while gaining more assets to build the team. Seems smart to me.
  7. "We have to hit on our picks".....because the ones we have left over after trading for Watson will be VITAL. That's how I read it at least.
  8. It's not available to watch or listen. Just to reporters.
  9. Weird hill to die on. It's like he's praying Sam turns it around this season to validate his take.
  10. 100%. Also because I think the situations these guys go to, like how it always is, will play a big role on their success. I think these QBs are on pretty even ground, lots of pro's and con's to all their games. The Darnold dream is tough one. And seems quite unrealistic. He's gonna have to come out of the gate playing at a HIGH level for us not to question him and think, OK, he's turned it around. I don't wanna go through these extreme Highs and Lows and finish the season with a question mark at QB still.
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