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  1. Yeah no sht. But It’s not about what they can do it’s about how they’re acting. That’s the point of all this.
  2. Look at the Giants and Toney. That’s why the Jets are doing what they’re doing. They don’t want that sort of situation/player.
  3. Aright… I feel better about this situation then I did before. They see the potential but also see the rough spots and want him to turn those things around because it could be the difference between being good and being elite. Plus they're setting the standard for the team. Don’t put in the work, there’s other guys that will and they’ll get the chance. Plus seeing him after practice today going through reps with Miles Austin. He’s not just mailing it in.
  4. It’s gotta be an excuse covering something else because that’s such a dumb reasoning.
  5. I get that he might not know the playbook well, I’ve seen him slow plays down at camp and it was bad. But every time he did get an opportunity he made a play. Every chance in preseason he made the most of it. Im just more mad that Jeff fn Smith is getting more reps. He’s awful and has never done anything. Berrios? Fine. But Jeff Smith? Nah.
  6. Lol not sure how you can watch him get punished and say yeah, that guy is gonna be rookie of the year.
  7. Williams and Mims missed a bulk of camp because of bad salmon and injuries. At Philly joint practices Quinnen said he’s at about 20%, take it for what it’s worth. So I wouldn’t say entire training camp together when both were spent on the sidelines rehabbing. Becton is exactly what he is. Lazy, reads about himself, and gets away with being soft because he can play well based just off his size.
  8. Basically. There’s no Plan B they’re going to. Maybe hey, let me try blitzing more or doing some more quick throws. But there’s never gonna be anything major. Kinda bummed we won’t see them commentating on a Jets game this year since we don’t play Monday night.
  9. What’s not ok? That we don’t know what they’ll be yet?
  10. We do know. Becton and AVT are probably fine, but pups. McGovern and GVR are terrible and need to be replaced. And should have been this past offseason but he was too cheap. So now we just hope they gel and get their act together. He spent two first rounders on OL. Fine. Needs to be more aggressive in getting prevent veteran talent while you can.
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