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  1. The Eagles just came together all at once. Reddick was a big time FA. Graham normally averages 4-5 sacks a year. Sweat in his fifth year, never had double digit sacks. Same for Hargrave. Jets are right there IMO. Need a more consistent pass rusher like Reddick.
  2. I mean the Jets were 7th overall in Sacks lol. That's not terrible.
  3. Normally I'd agree. But Fangio is f'n legit lol. I wanted to be wrong and looked up his track record and it's annoying how many times his Defenses placed top of the league. I'd be shocked if they're not top 10.
  4. Lol Joe Douglas going around grabbing people "I'LL FN DO IT, YOU HEAR ME?!" "I'LL TRADE IT ALLL"
  5. Guys....we all know this isn't happening right? Jets will get pulled along the whole time for a better deal. He'll get traded to the Raiders. It'll come out Douglas had this great big offer but he ultimately chose Raiders (Just like Tyreek Hill). Thus ending with the Jets being laughed at....again. Oh and throw on top of that, you'll see so many LOL's that we didn't learn from Denver with signing Hackett and ended up empty handed just like them. This is the way.
  6. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/nfl-news-and-rumors-jets-raiders-aaron-rodgers/ During Shrine Bowl week, a source told PFN that receiver Davante Adams is lobbying hard to bring Rodgers to the Raiders. That was further confirmed this week. People also believe Rodgers would play the Jets against the Raiders to procure a better deal for himself. In fact, one source said that general manager Joe Douglas is admitting to people in the league the franchise will go all out in the attempt to bring Rodgers to Gang Green. And it only makes sense.
  7. They want no part because they need to see Lance. And to finally move on from an oft injured QB. That’s why I said trade up along with him. He’s good when he plays.
  8. It'll just be a typical Tuesday. Relax. Nothing to be ashamed if you're wrong.
  9. If we traded 2 first round picks for two 31 yr old players - i'd be pretty pissed. Not gonna lie.
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