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  1. Look i'm a Berrios fan and all but we can't have this guy be the only one catching passes out there.
  2. Just from photos you can tell that’s a hell of a throw and catch.
  3. I'd rather put Moses at RT and Fant at LT, if Becton goes down. And keep McDermott off the field.
  4. Never was. Always the solution.
  5. Need Maye out there to give Wilson some sort of competition with this secondary.
  6. Becton is fat and still not practicing. There, we got it out of the way. Lets enjoy the thread.
  7. Well in that case! He’ll probably sniff the field. Like a lot of it.
  8. Played well but had trouble staying on the field. He needs to get in better shape. He had all offseason to do so and lose weight and yet here we are.
  9. I apologize. My cookin IS delish
  10. Coaches aren’t the one making him out of shape.
  11. Exactly what I been saying. He needs to get his sht together if he wants to last. Pretty disappointing.
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