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  1. Could you imagine he turns Daniel Jones into a top 5 QB like he did Allen? He’d be QB guru god.
  2. Build the OL, draft WR and TE. Build offense people.
  3. You watch these games and came away that we should draft defense? Good lawd. Offense won the game. All day long.
  4. Brady’s success prob will never happen again. You can never compare that to other QBs. Sure he’s come up short but doesn’t throw out everything he’s done. Super bowl, MVPs, numbers are insane, all pros, records. I mean. Cmon.
  5. Being one of the best at your position in the league.
  6. One of the best to ever do it.
  7. HC will go as far as their QB takes them. So Salehs success all rides on whether Zach takes the next step next year. Usually it’s a 2nd year jump or they’re just not very good. So they better do whatever they can do ensure that.
  8. So this thread still about football or…
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