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  1. I’m fine waiting till Sept 1st. Let him walk in and play immediately. Darkness right to the 10 yard line.
  2. Correct. Thought that was obvious. But someone is clearly sensitive, for no apparent reason. Which would be you. R-E-L-A-X. I tagged you once. Clearly a mistake.
  3. So what the hell is the latest? Where's our guys? @Mogglez @football guy what's the deal? They both still being babies and neither one wants to give in first?
  4. They traded reducing wind speeds for snatching peoples ACL's. Fair trade.
  5. Dang. I really wanted him here. Would’ve been perfect with Rodgers. God I really hope we don’t sign OBJ.
  6. I don’t know why we’re not going after Gardner Johnson. Seems like a no brainer at Safety.
  7. I’m pretty sure nobody actually wants OBJ at this point.
  8. Tune in as Lamar asks himself what his intentions are this season!
  9. If all that’s left is trade compensation. Wtf takes so long? I’d be throwing things back and forth till it’s done. Or is Douglas just like it’s 2 and 4. That’s it. Call me back when you’re good to accept.
  10. Rookie centers are fine. Especially with a future HOFer at QB. Centers are usually pretty good from the start as rookies.
  11. Fact that that’s a real tweet is absolutely wild.
  12. Let’s hold on to Mann to be the designated onside kick off man.
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