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  1. Shut your filthy mouth Cimini. I don't need your extra words
  2. Is he? Never see his name mentioned. But I guess that's a good thing? #positivevibesonly
  3. What's the deal with Fant?? Has there been any timeline to getting back? Thought he was taking reps
  4. Are the defenders beating the RT? Up the middle? LT? I need some context here. Not just "sacked again"
  5. Same. Wasn't ever expecting Becton to play a full season. It's all on Zach either way.
  6. Seems perfectly qualified to be an internet doctor.
  7. I feel fine, thank you for asking. Sauce is gonna be legit IMO. If we had drafted Kyle Hamilton instead i'd be pretty pissed but we didn't. We knew this team had a bunch of holes across the board. Not everything was going to get fixed.
  8. Listen…Burrow was sacked the most and got to the Super Bowl. We’re fine. Super Bowl is still on.
  9. Isn’t Becton the only tackle he’s drafted?
  10. So far...I'd say it's been a pretty good camp for Wilson so far. Some hiccups here and there but we haven't heard that he looks the same as last year, repeating the same mistakes over and over, etc. Conklin seems to be a huge addition for him.
  11. I can't wait till we move on from Becton. He's too soft, too much of a liability at the most important position. Tackle first round next year. Or blow our load in first wave of free agency.
  12. This is like the perfect camp tweet you want to see.
  13. Lol ew. Everyone else on that list is targeted at a way higher rate. That’s embarrassing. CD needs to step it up big time.
  14. So defense is total trash? Jesus.
  15. Lol what's wrong with this statement? Too much sass for ya?
  16. Feel like in practice it's...the pass rush passed, the play developed and nobody was open...they can't hit me so i'm gonna hold on longer until i see something.
  17. If it wasn't a f'n musical i'd be pretty hyped for this. But....it is.
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