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  1. They won't. He's only saying if he's ready, he will play. Pretty simple.
  2. Don't like Greenie because he plays into the role of "the jets always suck, SOJ" mantra. And tries to be the punching bag so that other people don't get to the jokes first. Which is lame. Eisen is always a balanced optimistic jet fan. Knowns not to get ahead of himself and keeps it realistic.
  3. Eh, sounds like an un-inspiring practice. Get the Flacons in here.
  4. I mean, we can't be counting on a full season for Joyner right? Dude is never healthy.
  5. Baldy loves every player lol. I need a video of where he just rips some players apart. Balance it out.
  6. That should give us enough time to fail with one other QB from the draft and line up perfectly for 2026, the year of the Arch!
  7. Flacco rips apart the Ravens in the ultimate revenge game. Hands Zach the jets at 1-0, who then goes on to lead us to 6-2 of the first half.
  8. Great news. Just let Flacco dominate week 1 and then give it back to Zachy.
  9. Thus this is why, if Zach had a bad year this season, i'd much rather just roll with a veteran/proven guy even if we did draft someone in the first round.
  10. is that WITH a win?? Because that's not half bad...
  11. If Flacco does this against the Falcons in the joint practices, you have to just come out and say he's starting the season and will let Zach heal up until he's 100%. While secretly seeing if Flacco leads this offense to a ton of points or not.
  12. Defense is letting Joe Flacco rip them apart. We're screwed.
  13. Let Streveler and Mims take over this offense. Points will be scored.
  14. In season? Yes. Preseason? No...there's absolutely no reason to stay in bounds and start juking guys. I'm not blaming him, it's bad luck, that's his game and how he plays but it's not a smart decision.
  15. Daniel Jones should be available next year. Fresh start??
  16. God that was such a stupid decision by Wilson looking back at this. Just run out of bounds. What a dummy. Also Jordan Davis is going to be a force.
  17. Fair points. Sam and Gase looked competent in preseason too I remember. It's the fresh football coming off a long hiatus that gets ya.
  18. Ehhhh preseason isn't fooling me this time. You got me last year with Chase. This only means the Patriots offense will be top 5 in the league this year. Nice try.
  19. Our QBs future is in the hands of this man…we should be fine.
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