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  1. 1 minute ago, Larz said:

    The contract tells me JD has moved on from thinking draft picks and is now thinking about winning 

    and the cap is a myth. 

    this is glorious news!!!!!

    Why? He'll probably still draft a T in the first round next year. 

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  2. 35 minutes ago, Big_Slick said:

    OK - the OL is not in bad shape IF we get Brown this season. But he's a stop gap solution and I regret that JD blew the opportunity to 'possibly' draft a 10 year LT and refused to admit his Becton mistake and took a CB - a much lower valued position with today's rules.

    I also like Gardner but I'll hold off on the "potential superstar CB" stuff until he 'one on one' shuts down the WR's in the AFCE let, alone the NFL.

    If we can hold off on potential superstar CB then we can hold off on a 10 year LT. We have no idea who they'll pan out.

    I don't think he "refused" to admit his mistake. Probably wanted to take the chance and see how his former first overall pick does in his 3rd season and then evaluate next year whether to get a replacement or not. 


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  3. 20 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    What’s the better outcome for this team in 2022?

    A. They finish with the best pass defense in the history of modern football. 

    B. Zach Wilson finishes the season as the 15th ranked passer in the NFL.


    But Zach Wilson can finish 15th and still get ragdolled around Metlife. See: Joe Burrow.

  4. 17 minutes ago, 68JET11 said:

    How's everyone feeling about not drafting Icky now ???  That's not to say I didn't like our draft.... Let's hope Mitchell turns out to be something.

    I feel fine, thank you for asking.

    Sauce is gonna be legit IMO. If we had drafted Kyle Hamilton instead i'd be pretty pissed but we didn't. 

    We knew this team had a bunch of holes across the board. Not everything was going to get fixed. 

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