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  1. JD? Joe Douglas? He's out here breaking down film? HELL YEAH
  2. FRESH CUT. NEW WEEK. Little sass. ITS ON bitchzzzzz
  3. Just gonna go with the upgrade part... Need to upgrade LB, S, OL and QB. Simple! S - can easily be doing in free agency LB - I wouldn't mind taking in the first round of the draft if there's someone worth taking. OL - Can't F around here. I'd resign McGovern and keep intact C, RG (AVT) and RT with Becton being the starter and Mitchell as the back up if that fails. So we need LT and LG. LT - I'd see if Houston wants to trade Tunsil first. But do anything possible to solidify this position. It has to priority #1. LG? I have no idea. Really blows Tomlinson has been bad. Maybe AVT to LG and keep Herbig at RG.
  4. Suck it @Jetsfan80 the name LIVES ON! Also pretty sure the "switch flip" is Mims saying to Moore "if you don't want to play, I will!"
  5. Still sleeping? Time to wake up bud
  6. The picture he showed is exactly what Zach needs to consistently do. Stand tall in the pocket and deliver a strike. Not bail when he feels pressure. That instance, he made a perfect throw with pressure on top of him. The photo you posted, he did not do that. He should have been better.
  7. Remember also, it's not worth staying all the way till the end if they're getting smacked. Beat the traffic. Goooooo Jets!
  8. Not gonna lie, take the L here Cowbell lol. This is a different play then the other screenshot.
  9. Thing is, Josh Allen doesn't look frantic here. He stood calmly in the pocket until he had to bail, didn't drift backwards, just made a bad decision on letting it go.
  10. Hilarious yet accurate description of what it's like watching Zach Wilson.
  11. It has to be the absolute worst luck that the one of the best ever QBs in Brady finally leaves the division and then f'n miracle boy Josh Allen becomes the best in the league within his 3rd year. Not even like a Derek Carr or Kirk Cousins....we get the 7'2 freak of nature once in a generation QB. F U Football Gods. So now the Jets are stuck competing with that for the next decade.
  12. I mean Quinnen WAS kinda average his first 3 seasons. Good to see him breaking out. I just hope it's a trend up and not a one year thing. Rest of the defense being good kinda helps.
  13. Donald only has 4 sacks this season? Pft what a loser.
  14. Quicker throws/shorter routes, staying in shotgun, teach your wr's that the play isn't dead when he's out of the pocket and to find the open spaces. pray.
  15. Translation: This is f'n great!! Also, suck it Moore.
  16. People don't like Davis? I think he's one of the best. They both seem pretty fair.
  17. I guess? Guess who??! 18 NFL starts - 9 and 9 record in started games - 297 of 528 (56.25%), 3,493 Yards Passing, 19 TD, 19 INT What did we learnnnnn?
  18. So what's the overall analysis here? That we could have it slightly better right now? What am i missing
  19. It's still SO weird to me that Josh Allen is now one of the best QB's in the league.
  20. It's A LOT of work for a team that's just about ready to start consistently competing for the playoffs. Now we gotta wait on the QB position. Can just never be easy can it??
  21. I do blame the quarterback coach. Mostly because we barely have one. He's a yes man for LeFluer with the experience of a H.S. coach. We need a Pep Hamilton or I'd do anything to bring in Frank Reich if he's fired.
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