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  1. This game is all on the defense. How do you let Brissett pick you apart?
  2. Would be awesome if every player wasn’t wide open. Jesus
  3. Yeah enough with the horizontal plays. Maybe around the goal line. But toss that stuff out the window.
  4. Now if the defense can just contain the Elite Jacoby Brissett. We could be Okay
  5. Flacco started. Held it because it was covered. And didn’t move his feet at all. Just stood still. Mitchell got beat yes but idk step up? Slide up? Move a little and try?
  6. Flacco running sideways has to be the most terrifying thing
  7. It’ll only take about 2 drives for that all to get pulled from me and back to square one of full blow hating them again.
  8. Pretty wild how a week is just enough time to get over the pain we suffered from the previous Sunday and feel slightly hopeful again. What a ruthless cycle.
  9. Because he probably thought he could play or play sooner but was being told no, we’re gonna hold you out for this long.
  10. I swear to gawd if he doesn’t play next week Barry…
  11. I’d hold him out an extra month just to piss you all off some more.
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