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  1. Because he probably thought he could play or play sooner but was being told no, we’re gonna hold you out for this long.
  2. I swear to gawd if he doesn’t play next week Barry…
  3. I’d hold him out an extra month just to piss you all off some more.
  4. Huh?? How’s this compare to Darnold? Are we still talking about injuries
  5. To prevent further injury? What did he do to you my friend? Tell me how he hurt you
  6. Listen, I think he can be a really good OC and saw some of that last year. But this nonsense of you gotta learn all the positions blabala- no. Put your talented guys out there and form it around them. Find a way to get them the ball. This shouldn’t be that hard.
  7. Well if he’s just to the PS, I assume this is giving Mann one more chance to not shank himself to unemployment?
  8. I agree. If you see an issue. Just make a change. It’s the backup QB. Do what you can to stay afloat until your starter is back.
  9. Lol you and Matt love the most ludacris theories. Douglas handles who plays. Do you hear yourself?? Wait. Why is Ashtyn Davis still on the team? Over say Pinnock?
  10. Lol. He’ll do anything for clicks. Even say nice things!! What a psychopath!
  11. Jet fans are sensitive and dramatic. What else is new.
  12. https://cms.megaphone.fm/channel/ESP4319880044?selected=ESP1345425566 Listen here jabroni’s. Even this fool is saying stop over reacting. -Says stick with Flacco, would be a panic move to switch after 1 game. -But suspects Flacco will have much shorter leash and could be pulled at halftime if offense isn’t moving. -1st down sack where it was 8 blocking against 5. That’s on players to make a block. - Conklin and Breece fumbles complete backbreakers that changed the game. -There’s no morale victory attitude. Saleh was asked what positives did you take from game and he answered. -Him and Enunwa see receipts quote as backing up the players and not a negative thing. Missing a few other good points but you get the idea.
  13. How in the world, when designing a football teams logo, did you say “yeah, I think an Elf will really represent us well”???
  14. Lol. What’s horsesh*t exactly? That you’re taking his coach talk to heart? Or that he lost his starting qb for a month? Either way you clearly made up your mind on this. Enjoy pal.
  15. You are though. “When are we gonna start seeing some wins?!” Its week 1 in his 2nd year. And to start things off, loses his starting QB for a month. Take a break from taking his press conferences to heart and maybe you’ll feel better.
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