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  1. So what's the overall analysis here? That we could have it slightly better right now? What am i missing
  2. It's still SO weird to me that Josh Allen is now one of the best QB's in the league.
  3. It's A LOT of work for a team that's just about ready to start consistently competing for the playoffs. Now we gotta wait on the QB position. Can just never be easy can it??
  4. I do blame the quarterback coach. Mostly because we barely have one. He's a yes man for LeFluer with the experience of a H.S. coach. We need a Pep Hamilton or I'd do anything to bring in Frank Reich if he's fired.
  5. Let’s just step away from Christopher Simms for a bit huh?
  6. Honestly, the teams protection isn’t lasting for those long developing routes. It breaks down before they even reach where they’re going. That’s one of the reasons his rating is so bad vs quick. Among many other things. Said it before but they need to go full on dink and dunk offense. 15 yard throws max. Lefluer can def be better too.
  7. Stop comparing Mims and Moore. Mims wanted to be traded because he wasn’t even being put in the lineup and seeing the field. Not because he wasn’t getting the ball.
  8. Just start throwing 30-40 times a game. Don't hold back. Let it rip and get the full assessment you need to move forward.
  9. Was pretty impressed with the defense not giving up a TD regardless of what mess was happening on the offensive side and special teams. They held their ground. They usually break but kept going strong.
  10. No f'n idea lol. I do think John Beck here last year actually helped. But they need someone on staff that can do help real time during the season when these bad habits happen. I have no idea what Calaberese is doing. Is he saying "Good job" each time? like how are you not yelling at him and saying HEY MAYBE DON'T THROW FALLING BACKWARDS. No? Nothing? But it's like after Knapp they just said oh well, let's roll with it and see what happens. And put no further effort into actually developing him. I am curious to see how he comes back after the BYE week, assuming he meets up with Beck again. Lord help us. Edit: I just looked up Calabrese. Dude had 2 years experience before coming here. Was quality control coach in Denver. WTF are we doing???? This is who you put in charge of developing your franchise guy? Jesus christ. No wonder he's going backwards.
  11. What a mess. The Jets need to find the best possible QB coach next off-season. He needs to be, almost, completely reworked.
  12. I watched that Bears game and it's honestly the same situation as Zach Wilson with the poor pass protection. The difference? Fields can actually complete those throws on the run or turn them into a big gain with his legs. And when he DOES have time to throw he makes the easy ones. He capitalizes on the opportunities he's given, not throwing them away like Zach has done. He's not making sexy plays, he's just doing what a QB should do. It's such a small thing but makes a huge difference.
  13. He's sorta elusive. But I wouldn't do any more then like 2-3 a game.
  14. Jets I'll never stop watching. Unfortunately. Rest of the NFL, I'll keep the Giants game on to see how they do. But i'll never stay glued to the tv like I HAVE to watch these. When I was younger I would but thats cause I had no child demanding my attention lol. Playoffs is obv a must. I don't care about the refs being bad, unless it's effecting the Jets directly, why do I care?
  15. I agree. We need more Sam.
  16. Idk. Lamar is never happening so I’m not even going crazy with this lol.
  17. Wouldn’t Lamar be kind of a great fit with Lefluer? Rpo style with an actual threat?
  18. For people who are saying someone like Minshew...are you signing him and think he can take us deep in to the playoffs? Or to just stay afloat until you find the real deal?
  19. Why is that an article? Jesus Post, do better.
  20. He missed the throw because of a grip/yips issue? It wasn't because he was drifting backwards? Nothing to do with it? How bout this miss? Nothing he could have done better I guess right? There's no room to move up or anything.
  21. The first pick is bad mechanics/pocket movement lol
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