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  1. Why do you keep talking about fixing Zach? Zach isn’t starting. That ship has sailed. It’s gonna be another guy brought in.
  2. That settles it. Nagy for OC.
  3. I mean they were all good when they had a good QB. Which gave them a HC opportunity. Then had no QB and sucked. Like every OC. Have little Timmy call the plays, still need to solve the QB.
  4. Out of this stupid list. Bevell or Olson would be my choice.
  5. QB is what matters either way. All depends what veteran they bring. Unless your Reid or Shanahan, your offense rides on the QB.
  6. Has Elijah tweeted “god is good” yet??
  7. ....to be a Senior Assistant. Like most of these older coaches do with a lot of teams. The man's not going to be an OC.
  8. I mean, that's what senior assistant/advisors do.....they don't coach or call plays on game day lol
  9. He would end up playing 12 games total in 2 years and we'd be wondering what to do at QB the following year.
  10. And then you'd still be looking for QB. Sounds like no mans land.
  11. Throw em a 4th round pick and call it a day. Tho the 30 yr old cliff is very real.
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