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  1. For people who are saying someone like Minshew...are you signing him and think he can take us deep in to the playoffs? Or to just stay afloat until you find the real deal?
  2. Why is that an article? Jesus Post, do better.
  3. He missed the throw because of a grip/yips issue? It wasn't because he was drifting backwards? Nothing to do with it? How bout this miss? Nothing he could have done better I guess right? There's no room to move up or anything.
  4. The first pick is bad mechanics/pocket movement lol
  5. Or talking about Zach saying he doesn't like throwing it away and wants to make something happen. Which kinda = ego.
  6. That's extremely concerning BIGGS! It's basic QB'ing. Not some advanced stuff. He's not seeing the field and not reading fast enough. We all know he can make some good throws. Doesn't matter when if you fold under the slightest pressure. Thats like 80% of the game, is being pressured by the defense. You have to stop and hit the throws. Thus far he's been completely incapable. Not even 40-50%, just down right awful.
  7. I honestly don't think they are. Things didn't change for the defense until Quinnen ripped THEM.
  8. Didn't need Barnwell to know that. I WITNESSED IT!!
  9. I think the only problem with all of this is that eventually Moore will let out what the actual problem is, which is probably with Zach, and it will then cause a huge issue and distraction and just be a total mess. Zach is basically blaming others as well, this thing will clash any day now.
  10. I'd offer Baltimore everything possible for Lamar. If that dream doesn't happen, then you sign Garroppolo. Draft a guy in the later rounds and have Jimmy G, Zach, draft pick as your depth chart. For this season? Let Mike White have his chance.
  11. I wouldn't do a first. You have to give him a new contract, he's been injured almost every year. There's gotta be a reason a team is trading a 26 year old pass rusher.
  12. No idea what’s going on with GB offense. They afraid to throw?
  13. Buffalo has no one standing in their way or a Super Bowl. Kinda sucks.
  14. Not for nothing, but now looking at that play. What a terrible play call, you need 5 yards to live on and you run 3 guys straight up into the end zone and 2 before the sticks. Why make it so hard? Quick slant. Done.
  15. Pretty true. Kinda pointless. Just see what Mike White does.
  16. I would think they have inquire about Matt Ryan? No? Idk if a QB coming in middle of season actually works but hey. Otherwise not much else to trade for.
  17. Meeting rooms this week should be fun.
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