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  1. Thought Conklin was gonna be better than what he was. But idk, hard to judge any of these guys with abysmal QB play.
  2. It was disappointing because Zach never took the leap and failed miserably doing so. The losing streak after a hot start burns but seeing your #2 overall QB do nothing just sucks the life out of you.
  3. When you have good players, things magically get better! Crazy how that works. Do that with QB and watch what happens.
  4. Time will tell. I don't think he's a "bust" just yet. Disappointing for sure. But if he can play a full season, then we're in business. There's been guys who missed 2 full seasons back to back and bounced back. It happens. Let's hope that's the case for Becton.
  5. Safety - I hate Joyner and Whitehead. Whitehead prob stays I guess but they gotta upgrade that spot. And is usually pretty easy to do in either free agency or later in the draft.
  6. See, Jets were ahead of the curve firing their HC from 2019 hiring cycle. Rhule and Kliff didn't work out. We already moved on! Also - I would def see what the Cardinals would want for Hopkins. Think he could be had for a cheap deal.
  7. Myles Garrett is a monster. He quietly racks up 16 sacks and feel like I barely heard about him this season.
  8. They're both high level back ups IMO. Neither should be starting more then a handful games but should keep you somewhat competitive. Take whoever is cheaper.
  9. I thought they consistently made good half time adjustments on the defensive side of the ball. Offense was always a mess.
  10. Because it feels like the Ravens are at the verge of - we’re really not a talented enough team, probably should hit reset, to pay a QB a ton of money and cripple us more. But too scared to go down the line of starting a rookie or the Baker Mayfield route. Fans are pissed they’ve wasted his time there with poor drafting/surrounding him with any kind of talent.
  11. Sad that it’s come to that. So desperate for a QB, you gotta throw in elite homegrown talent.
  12. I know Steve Young is Zach's bestie, but LaFleur just sounds horrible for this job. Still needs a couple years on the bench to learn. Multiple WR's had issues/called out the offense. He's gotta be told to feed GW the ball. Has no idea how to implement talent. Has a ridiculous notion that WRs have to know all positions on the field to even have a chance. What's good about him?
  13. I really do think Saleh is telling him he needs to grow up a bit. Questioning whether he wants to take this seriously or not. Between this (whatever tf this is and that other press conf.) he's definitely sending some messages.
  14. Kind of a bad spot to be in, really. You'd ideally want a veteran OC but you won't know your QB situation probably till way after Free Agency, so it's a hard sell. So that hurts the process. Then what - find another first timer?
  15. Idkkkk...doesn't sound like MLF is going anywhere. Just an old guy to boss him around.
  16. Awesome. Appreciate it. I don't think I want to actually write to get made into a movie or anything. Just feel like I could be a lot better in that aspect and think it would be great to learn, something to get better at in 2023. If it amounts to something, then cool. We'll see where it takes us.
  17. What was your process for honing that craft? I wanted to learn more about writing screenplays and starting from ground zero.
  18. Between Jimmy G and Mike White, we should be able to get 10-12 full games!
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