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  1. I think you're just finding things to complain about. But that's me.
  2. Because theres tshirts in the lockers?
  3. LaFluer not finding a way to use a players talent? Ya don't sayyyyy
  4. Lol no. But we know damn well a decent QB changes most of it. R-E-L-A-X
  5. Dog sh*t is a bit strong. I wouldn't say superbowl, just a qb away ready but not dog sh*t. Somewhere in between that.
  6. Soooo does this mean we go after Rodgers now?
  7. To lose more games and higher pick? Their ownership is god awful.
  8. It’ll go as far as the QB takes them. The pieces around them are plenty to succeed.
  9. Meh. Can’t even count last year. It was clear as day what the plan was then. This year, obv no excuses.
  10. Or even what Belichek did with Zappe and Mac. Can’t be afraid to pull the mid game just for a win. Do what you have to do. Probably would’ve actually helped Zach’s confidence if anything.
  11. When Breece and AVT got hurt essentially. But then it was on Zach. Then the coaches.
  12. Searching Greg Roman on twitter is hilarious and scary that we could hire him. Ravens twitter is ready to commit suicide if he gets brought back.
  13. He did no such thing. Way to make sht up.
  14. No fn idea. But I just moved to the edge of my seat!
  15. Look at us. Back in the comfort zone. The off-season draft talk. This is where we shine boys!
  16. You clearly never seen him play. Stroud plays more like Zach, not being able to handle pressure.
  17. Bryce Young is a fn stud. You’re all fools.
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