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  1. Searching Greg Roman on twitter is hilarious and scary that we could hire him. Ravens twitter is ready to commit suicide if he gets brought back.
  2. He did no such thing. Way to make sht up.
  3. No fn idea. But I just moved to the edge of my seat!
  4. Look at us. Back in the comfort zone. The off-season draft talk. This is where we shine boys!
  5. You clearly never seen him play. Stroud plays more like Zach, not being able to handle pressure.
  6. Bryce Young is a fn stud. You’re all fools.
  7. This. See what the cost is for both. You’re desperate. Carr and Jimmy G prob won’t come here. Lamar prob won’t be available. Let’s get nuts!!
  8. He doesn’t know how to utilize talent. There’s just so much evidence. Unless it’s smacking him in the face like GW or Breece.
  9. They just wanna go home. Run the clock out. Get to the off-season. Nobody wants to be here.
  10. I hate this team now. Will hate them until week 1 next season. Then by week 4, prob back to hating them. This game means absolutely nothing. Moving up and down from 11 to 16 in the draft, don’t care.
  11. Agree. He just feels pressure when it’s completely obvious to make a change. Outside of that, he’s just walking the halls. He barely knows the guys we’re drafting when he’s in the war room. He’s just happy to be there lol.
  12. It only “bothers” him at the very end of the season when it’s a collective effort from fans and media saying negative things and everyone’s like uh Woody this is when you do something. Then he often feels the need to act on something. The rest of the time, no, he doesn’t give a sh*t.
  13. And yet Vrabel had a 7 game losing streak to miss the playoffs just like us!
  14. No. But how awesome would it be if the rest of the team didn’t have to be perfect in order to win games? Just imagine a QB and offense that gets 7 points. Really is dreamy.
  15. Forcing Wilson on everyone. That effects the whole thing. Can’t wait to hire the dolphins OC
  16. https://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/91136/as-tension-mounts-new-york-jets-offseason-goal-is-to-fix-broken-offense MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- New York Jets owner Woody Johnson was livid after last week's ugly loss to the Seattle Seahawks, team sources said. A five-game losing streak and playoff elimination will do that to a billionaire boss. On Sunday, they will try to avoid becoming the first Jets team since the 1996 Rich Kotite misfits (1-15) to end the season with six straight losses. If they fall to the Miami Dolphins, Johnson's patience will be tested. It already seems to be eroding. He was visibly angry in the postgame locker room after previous losses as well, according to sources in the room. This plus Michael Kay saying Woody is all in on Zach…It’s pretty crystal clear what’s happening now. We wanna blame Saleh, Douglas and hate LaFluer. Rightfully so. But this is all Woodys doing. Id be careful to want Saleh fired because this has the makings of a Gase type hire ahead. He’ll wanna force the next coach to fix and start Zach over anything else. This could get messy.
  17. Well I’m sure if they catch Saleh fondling women at the bar, you might get your wish.
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