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  1. Meh. Chiefs player did it too. There’s a lot more to be worried about then stupid sht like this.
  2. This is pretty much the only reason I’d move on from Saleh. But with no QB, no good offensive mind is gonna come here. So whatever. Ride it out one more year with Saleh.
  3. Strevler is the only option. Zach is done. White is broken. Flacco doesn’t care. Just let Strev do whatever he wants. This is a preseason game.
  4. Agreed. But it is really concerning how this team handle the QB situation this year. Knapp passed and they still didn’t bring in a veteran coach in the offseason even though ZW needed Beck during last year. And still didn’t bring in a capable back up. My worry is they just think a veteran QB will make everything better.
  5. When you’re in reach for a legit QB. You absolutely tank. The jets should have. You need a QB and a good OC. The HC can be an idiot and still succeed with that.
  6. Frank Reich. Because we won’t have to trade picks to get him. Then trade those picks to Chicago for the 2nd overall pick for a QB. It’s easy!
  7. Nah. They need to lose and get that top 10 pick.
  8. Only option the Jets have is to overpay for Jimmy G. So I’m fully preparing for that.
  9. It’s Reich or Payton for me. I can’t stomach another rookie HC.
  10. At that point. I wouldn’t expect anyone to give any effort. I’d nap on the field if I was one of the players. No point.
  11. Lol. What do y’all expect Saleh to do with this fn mess of an offense?
  12. Mike white. Lefluer. OL. Entire unit sucks balls. And can do nothing but kick a few fgs each game. But sure Defense should be throwing shut outs every week.
  13. I’d keep them all except Lefluer. Unless you’re promising me Reich or Payton.
  14. The entire offensive staff must go if Saleh is staying. They’ve done nothing for this team.
  15. When your team can’t find an endzone it’s a bit demoralizing.
  16. We’re gonna be in no man’s land. No answer at QB. No potential prospect on the horizon. No draft position to take one. Prepare for Fitzpatrick/McCown type seasons.
  17. I get we wanna rag the defense right now. Rightfully so. But it would be cool if at some point this decade we could like, ya know, score touchdowns. Consistently.
  18. Love how fans are expecting passes that are 8ft in the air to be caught easily.
  19. Hard to score points with make shift OL, no QB and poor OC who doesn’t know how to playcall.
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