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  1. Prettttty sure he can’t talk to teams and tell them anything lol.
  2. Because we always hire the “hot” DC and not an offensive guy. Gotta change if we end up moving on from Saleh. Tho if we moved on from Saleh this year I’m fully convinced we would have gone all in on a guy like Hackett.
  3. I’m fully convinced it’ll be a Dan o shea type hire.
  4. Still think he was failed massively from a coaching perspective. I was reading what Pep Hamilton did for Herbert and it’s just mind blowing what a real QB coach should be doing. Not arguing for him anymore but so much more could have been done. Is what it is now, he sucks Would be nice if this organization didn’t have to hit the unicorn pick of a Luck/Burrow #1 overall type pick and can actually develop a pick if he’s not completely ready.
  5. Do you jetsrule! Whatever makes you happy. Hope it’s awesome.
  6. Probably nothing. But pretty random to tweet now when your season ended last week.
  7. Sauce, Quinnen, and Reed transformed the defense. I'm sure you put a good QB on the offense and watch it be "Transformed"
  8. So you're saying Rapaport is lying and that he was late to meetings and didn't prepare well?
  9. Lol after Bill Callahan said no, it's like they said "fuk- anyone else over there want to do this?"
  10. What's strange is your obsession with trying to make something factual when it's really not. If it was a big deal wouldn't it have been covered? Or do you think Jetblue paid all of the media members not to tweet anything about? Cmon.
  11. Do you believe everything you read on Twitter? The dude in the video just made that up as he was reporting that blatt article.
  12. Zach Wilson is the biggest bully and worst person ever.
  13. Saw this on ravens board.. 1. Ravens final offer to Lamar before the start of the season was 6-yrs, $275M, $200M in guarantees, and $133M fully guaranteed at signing. Lamar declined. If that's true...idk wtf he's looking for lol. That puts him over R. Wilson by $75M in guaranteed money. Browns really F'd everyone up.
  14. You know that familiar pain is coming. Every offseason we list the top guys available. It's easy! Just add this guy! Playoffs! Before we know it, Carr traded elsewhere. Lamar stays. Jimmy G chooses another team. We're stuck with Brissett as a starter.
  15. Just what we needed to watch. Thanks!!
  16. Rodgers will retire. Lamar will stay in Baltimore. Jimmy G will sign with the Falcons. Carr will go to Titans in a trade with Tannehill.
  17. Ugh. Let’s me real here. The only QB on the move will be Carr. We’ll be stuck with Baker Mayfield or similar.
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