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  1. Oh look. Safety getting beat again. For all of their points. Jesus.
  2. Whitehead down in the box. Completely missed the tackle with a bad angle. Joyner gets cooked by the TE for a TD. Safety Round 1 guys.
  3. If KC wins. Doesn’t that lock them to the one seed? Thus no point if Bills win or not next week, doesn’t do anything for them. I think.
  4. Teddy needs to retire. Great guy. But he’s made of glass. And just not good enough to even be playing. Time to try something else.
  5. Ugh. Can’t believe the Giants will make the playoffs.
  6. See. Sam Darnold is ballin. Just needs time. Slow and steady.
  7. Pretty much this. JD is thinking, I’m not about to trade him for a 6th rounder and look like an idiot.
  8. Looks like a Grade A certified stud to me. Draft this beast.
  9. Would love for teams to overthink it and let him fall to us. Dudes a stud.
  10. I really don't understand why fans dislike Woody so much. I guess you can say his worst quality is picking a HC, which is a huge part to why things suck. But outside of that, he's fine lol.
  11. It's starting to feel like the 2017 Jaguars honestly. I really really hope not.
  12. As much as I believe in Douglas fleecing a team with a trade. I just don't see any team giving up more then a 3rd at this point. He's a developmental back up at this point. You're not giving up 2's for that.
  13. All that with a QB carousel all season. The man is a beast. Also I can't believe how the Eagles fleeced the Titans for AJ Brown. Wish we made that deal.
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