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  1. Both feels desperate. But dolphins need a QB above all else. They saw an opportunity to set themselves up for that. I just hope it fails!
  2. I’d like to think Fitzpatrick leads them out of reach of the top QB but I can’t think of a worse team.
  3. This move also kinda worries me about Williams. You don’t take a raw pass rusher and drop into coverage constantly. Makes zero sense.
  4. I love Douglas. We’re in good hands boys.
  5. Who’s in charge? It’s Douglas, who else?
  6. Well they put out a statement on Glat. I’m sure they’ll be another one on his replacement. Cutting Polite speaks for itself. He sucks and I’m not keeping these guys around. It’s a new regime putting their stamp on things. Like most do.
  7. Good for Douglas. Cut the BS early. And build this the way you want. Sucks for the team to lose a third rounder but you know what, you can let guys who actually have talent and good character actually compete instead of forcing Polite out there just because he was picked high.
  8. Let the fans know what? He’s doing his job and doing it his way. The way it should be.
  9. He’s not the narrators voice. But yeah he needs go asap. He’s the worst.
  10. Though for the peanuts Seattle gave up, would’ve def done that deal. BUT Clowney wanted to be in seattle. So that helps things.
  11. Texans are completely wasting Watson’s time there. O’Brien still having a job is a complete crime. Nobody enjoys him there. He makes the whole organization uncomfortable. They just trade us Hopkins ASAP
  12. Yeah, he’s good but got a sh*t attitude. Oh well.
  13. Vegas gambling steam with the exclusive!! Always a solid source I think.
  14. This is pretty true. And we all know this team can't handle winning at all. You should've heard the players last year after Detroit. woo boy.
  15. What's everyones expectations for Week 1? For me, I like to think the offense will come out swinging BUT I think we're gonna see Sam throw an early INT. He's thrown some close ones in preseason and feel like he's done that last year as well, though he has been able to recover as the game goes on. BUF has a good defense and will come down with those. Bell will have a big game since there's no tape of what Gase will do with him and just the fact that I think he will be a top 5 RB this year. I think Williams will try to blitz Josh Allen trying to get him off target and make those wild throws but we will get burned at some point. Gonna be a close game and feel like it'll come down to FG's and XP's being made and we all know what kinda situation we're in with that.
  16. Can't help but to think of that kid with the long hair from Dazed and Confused when I see Lawrence. But god I hope he stays far far away from the AFC East and AFC come draft time.
  17. I'd take Trevor. But I feel dirty just saying that because Sam is our boy.
  18. I'm hearing Bellamy isn't a lock to make the roster, but maybe that changes after last night. We'll see.
  19. I think on the radio they said she wants to take time and come back next year with more practice. But she should try it. Why not? They mentioned it’s been done before where a team had a kicker run off during KO’s leaving 10 men on the return. I don’t even think the locker room would be an issue. If it is you have bigger problems then football and the wrong guys in there.
  20. That has him saying he wants to become the best. Stop reaching.
  21. We are absolutely in win now mode. If not now, when? Support your young talented QB with the best team possible.
  22. They’re fine. Everyone relax lol. As long as the OL can give Darnold time, we’ll be good. Darnold said this was the first game(after seeing vanilla defenses first two preseason games) they actually saw the defense throw things at them. So it was a good practice to look back on.
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