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  1. We’re gonna win this meaningless game because that’s what the Jets do! I don’t really care if they win or lose. Don’t look like trash and get out healthy and on to the off season! We will be in position for a good player in the draft no matter what so not worried about that.
  2. I’m glad we’re all on the same page here and getting on Manish and not Gase. What a fn joke. Really wish they could ban him from the building.
  3. Only if Douglas can make some sort of player for player trade. Otherwise, doubt it.
  4. Yeah I wouldn’t doubt it. Probably a Thursday night game in there too
  5. We have no idea what Douglas will do. Nobody does. But we do know he 100% believes in building the trenches and will no doubt look to improve the oline. That alone gives me hope.
  6. The defense also had a bunch of questionable times and some even head scratching playcalling. This was a truly up and down season on both sides. It’s also the fact that the oline was constantly changing through out the season and down to the bare bones at the end. Changing pieces all over the field. I don’t think any part of the offense from oline to WRs, was really “settled” for an extended series of games.
  7. Were just in ceedee lamb territory. It’s all good.
  8. Didn’t he go completely unblocked?
  9. How’d I get butt fumbles for this?! Show me which statements aren’t true?! Ya can’t!
  10. Lol. It’s not difficult to run for these athletes. He’s not some 300lber that’s been sitting on the couch.
  11. Meh. Still not a fan of him. Defense with no names is playing its ass off for Williams. Gase has nothing to do with that side as he sits on the bench flipping thru his call sheet while the defense is on the field. He doesn’t like Bell. He doesn’t trust Darnold and thinks he’s an idiot more often then not. These wins have come against a bunch of crappy teams.
  12. When Sam misses a throw or two that Gase thinks are easy, he doesn’t trust him the rest of the game.
  13. Reality: -Gase never gives up playcalling -Trades Bell and signs Frank Gore
  14. Gase is an dumb. Idk why he didn’t learn that he can’t continue to force his bullsht on the team. This year was tough with all the injuries and QBs going down but I hate his attitude and how he thinks he’s the smartest person in the room. The only guys he likes is Darnold, Griffin and Thomas. He thinks every one else is an idiot.
  15. I 100 percent expect it. He actually gave Powell more carries that one game in spite of him.
  16. I’m all for these things but have a friggin pulse of what’s happening and the timing. He’s not getting fired. You’re wasting money and embarrassing the team and fans.
  17. I just want post trade rumor drama Jamal. Not the whiney bitch before that.
  18. So getting caught cheating for the 2nd time gets a lesser penalty? Totally makes sense.
  19. They can be competitive next year if they play this off season right. Surrounding Darnold with help and protection, get guys back from injury, maybe hitting on an udfa and we're in business.
  20. Blah. Waste of a pick. Build your team first. We’ll be fine with Sam.
  21. Oh. Well either way. My point stands lol. Should be a priority to sign him.
  22. My observation is we need to go after Matthew Judon. He’s a free agent and I think he’ll test the market. Ozzie will let him go and get his comp pick. Hes a beast and great teammate, exactly what Douglas is looking for and fills a huge hole. He’ll be 28 but I think it’d be a good signing for this team.
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