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  1. So defense is total trash? Jesus.
  2. Lol what's wrong with this statement? Too much sass for ya?
  3. Feel like in practice it's...the pass rush passed, the play developed and nobody was open...they can't hit me so i'm gonna hold on longer until i see something.
  4. If it wasn't a f'n musical i'd be pretty hyped for this. But....it is.
  5. Gimme a good mascot over cheerleaders any day of the week.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cgz4B33pbyf/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  7. If Ruckert starts making plays the next few practices, I might fully lose it.
  8. Moore making big plays every day so far. Really hope he stays healthy. Such a stud.
  9. CONKKKKKKK Do we have the best TE situation in the league? Are we the best? I'll start a thread..
  10. No, you go right back to Zach in that scenario. 5-5 is not ideal but it's not in a bad spot. If the Jets start off 0-5 or 1-5 along those lines. Then I'd consider pulling him. Can't keep bringing the entire team down with poor QB play.
  11. From my few seconds of Twitter research, Walker is dominating training camp. And Hutch getting stood up…
  12. I honestly have zero idea who is going to have a better career. I’ve seen neither of them play a season of NFL football.
  13. Why are we declaring Stingley a bust already? This surely never backfires for jet fans.
  14. Eh. That's getting called for a flag every time.
  15. Daddy Flacco!!! Welp, at least we'll have our Superbowl MVP back up ready to go if Wilson fails early on.
  16. How many padded practices are there this week?
  17. Idk why but I feel like those are gonna continue to happen all season. It's like he overthinks an easy lay up and completely whiffs it. I do the same thing when I try making an easy jump shot throwing away some trash right in front of me. I get it Zach.
  18. I mean...I think they did. It's starts from when they step on the field. Sucks but...them the rules!
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