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  1. Safety in the first just infuriates me. There's no way a guy is that big of a difference maker to go in the first round. Especially on this team. That's a move a team like Chiefs make, when you know you can do whatever tf you want on offense so just load up on guys on defense. Plus S is probably the easiest position in free agency to fill (although we failed last year). First round needs to be WR, OL, LB or DT.
  2. Pretty sure Woody just repeats whatever coaches or whoever tells him.
  3. @T0mShane watches all of them, what are you talking about??
  4. It would be LITTTT if we got Lamar but I don't really want to give up 2 first rounders. I'd throw the Raiders a 4th and grab Carr. If a guy Levis or Richardson fell to us in the draft , I would also draft them and sit them the whole time.
  5. Hey - I'm 37. Speak for yourself, grumpy old men.
  6. Sooo you’re saying Zach Wilson is basically your nephew? Tell him Jetnation are huge fans.
  7. He’s so good. Didn’t think he would be that fast for how big he is. Pray he comes back the same player.
  8. That would be wild. What’s the problem with Murray anyway? He’s a huge douche or something?
  9. Of course that went over your head.
  10. They'll say "Hey! Hire a TE coach as your OC, worked for us!"
  11. 100%. That's all there is too it. Zach forgetting how to play basic football derailed the season. Wasn't Saleh or LaFluer. Bring whoever you want at OC. What matters is do they bring in a guy like Carr or a guy like Minshew.
  12. Depends... Carr/Lamar = Zach sits for the rest of his contract. Jimmy G/Rodgers = Zach sits for a year. Dalton/Minshew = Zach sits for 6 games.
  13. So he has sources with the Jets, Ravens and Falcons? Let's pump the brakes.
  14. Why do we praise Parcells again?
  15. He'd be a better QB Coach then OC candidate.
  16. Lol. Then Jan 2024, another tweets says Harbaugh returns to Michigan again!
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