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  1. Pretty sure they’re not sitting in a room and JD is saying “ok, we’re all in favor on leaking this to jet nation right?” Its people in the building that are around decision makers that have friends on the outside and let them in on information.
  2. GMs succeed by building a team. He can draft a good QB and still fail. See Ryan Grigson. As long as JD continues to draft well and build a team the right way, we’ll be in position to add a QB and not expect them our savior.
  3. Wonder if that would still be a thing here. JD seems to only go after team captains, leaders, etc. I do agree that boys will be boys bs is a bad trait.
  4. Believe it or not there’s spots on the staff that do that. Called OC and QB coach.
  5. Is he a bad game manager? Bad play caller? Bad with players? Makes bad in game adjustments?
  6. You just said the point is to win a championship. He didn’t do that.
  7. It’s also hard to get there in the first place. Andy Reid didn’t win a championship with the Eagles. Didn’t make him a bad coach.
  8. Why don’t we like Marvin Lewis as a HC again? Can someone easily explain besides saying “lol never won in the playoffs”??
  9. You don’t need to take a tackle at 2 to do that. There’s plenty of OL in the draft you can switch over to the right side. Interior is what we need. Not to convert a 2nd overall pick to RT.
  10. I understand Sewell is a good prospect and the whole "2 Elite tackles for ThE NeXt DeCaDe would be AWESOME!" part. But.. But if you're taking a legit LT and moving him to the right side, just trade down, get more picks and grab another OT later in the first to do that. Seems overkill to do that at 2. There will be several other OL you can move to RT and do well if that's the move you wanna make.
  11. So then we don’t need to spend a pick on Harris or Etienne?
  12. The only spot I can see McDaniels getting a shot at HC is Texans. And theres no need for Garropolo there.
  13. We need more help in the interior OL then RT. That would be a luxury move.
  14. Just posted this. Such truth when you lay it out like that. Bye Sammy.
  15. Eh, kinda is. You’re naming the rare cases. It’s pretty easy...One team has Adam Gase the other has Kyle Shanahan, where do you think a QB stands to succeed?
  16. Either way, a majority of these guys success is the situation they get put into and if they get paired with the right coach. Coaching is everything.
  17. He’s playing pitch and catch. I can’t evaluate this.
  18. lol. But there's zero chance Bengals take a TE at 3. I get he's a dynamic TE but there's other OL to take. Protect your QB you just knocked out.
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