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  1. You can't be serious. Yes, clearly Sanchez was equal to Andrew Luck. Jesus.
  2. Great. A QB who is already knocked for not being able to process quickly enough. We already have that in Sam.
  3. Ehh, Good coaches have taken jobs with worse options at QB. We’ll be fine. Maybe.
  4. Lol. My friend, take a step back. I too was on the ledge but we’ll be alright(tbd). It’s about the HC and GM to get things right. IMO, we have the right GM, now it’s time to find the right coach. As much as I wanted TL. There’s plenty of options to go with.
  5. It sucks but we all know the HC choice will the biggest decision this team makes, not the QB. We fuk that up and well suck regardless. So let’s pray they get it right.
  6. Bigger question... They gonna pick up that 25 mill option?
  7. Trade out. Build a good roster. Run it back with Sam and new coach and hope it clicks for him. If not, you draft one the following year.
  8. Most importantly. The culture has OFFICIALLY CHANGED!! Ammirite @bitonti?!?
  9. Look if we’re gonna score again. At least give me a Mims touchdown.
  10. I mean what do we do now? Do we want Fields? Do we stick with Sam? Everything is screwed up.
  11. Da fuk are the rams doing it? Throw the ball you fools.
  12. Being better then Gase doesn’t take much. They can still get this very wrong.
  13. Because it sounds exactly like the Jets. Jets fans excited for a new era, naming top candidates. When in reality ownership doesn’t let the GM do his thing and picks someone completely off the map when they have no clue and Fs it all up.
  14. Dear god, we’re going after Bill O’Brien or Marvin Lewis aren’t we.
  15. No way in hell he thinks oline work is done. I’d fully expect him to work on the interior.
  16. I couldn’t help but think, is it a bad move to go the college HC route? They rarely survive in the NFL. 30 teams have a HC that climbed the ranks through the NFL and Rhule and Kliff are too new to judge. Sure, guys like Fitzgerald and Campbell look like nice, fiery leaders but are they cut out for the big leagues?
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