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  1. I can see Gore coming out extremely motivated. 3TDs at the least.
  2. Hm no. No, Gase would have ruined him and he’d look terrible.
  3. It’s all about the situation these guys are put in. Sam would be doing fine in Buffalo. Josh Allen would look like trash here under Gase. Lamar Jackson would prob be terrible if he was on the lions or something.
  4. What's the point of winning any of these last 3 games? The current culture is about to be fired. If this was a Brian Flores situation in year 1, i'd agree, lets win! But all that crap is going out the door with Gase and most of the players.
  5. Carlos Basham??? Are you telling me we can have two Bashams on Defense, thus have the nickname the "Bash Brothers"?? I'm all for it.
  6. All this premature news is such bad news for us. This never ends well for jet fans. Somehow, someway, we will win a game. It’s in their blood to upset us.
  7. He's not staying. Calm down. This just makes a nice mutual parting.
  8. I think Chris Johnson was just afraid to hire a young inexperienced college coach like Rhule or Kliff with his first HC hire. Then you got fn HOF Peyton Manning backing up Gase, and he thinks “I can’t go wrong!”. And here we are.
  9. We all know its time for them to move on from Trubisky. Both guys need a change of scenery.
  10. Theres a bunch of dumb/desperate GMs out there, there's bound to be one to bite. Chicago maybe?
  11. I think it helps that he has that rookie tape that looks promising and that Gase is known for ruining players and that Tannehill went on to play like an MVP.
  12. I think we at the least get a 2nd. There will be several teams looking to take a chance on him and as long as you have more then 1 team interested, that value will go up.
  13. Jets 100%. Sam could have been a long term guy. Yes, he would’ve caused us headaches with turnovers but we defiantly could have won with him. Let’s hope we don’t completely F it up with the next guy.
  14. Mahomes, Hill and Kelce werent signed in one offseason. You're attempting to sign all top free agents in one shot. That's difficult and risky also. JD will probably be trying to sign a guard to a big contract as well. And im sure someone on the defensive side. It's not impossible but just dont think it'll happen.
  15. Hm pretty sure he does not disappear. He leads the group in receptions, they all have about 650 yards. And has 7 TDs. 1 behind Claypool. Sounds like a productive WR that the Jets could use!
  16. Seriously. Mann came in known for booming punts and here he is hitting 30 yarders. Boyer can gtfo.
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