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  1. Loggains is gonna call the game of his life. Let’s go baby.
  2. Omfg. Shoot this guy to the moon. What an unreal response. If this is a problem for you, you’re a terrible coach.
  3. They’ll be in place to pick a top QB if they want. They have enough to evaluate Sam at this point.
  4. Well, you see, there’s a problem there Bob...
  5. Berrios and Smith both dropped TD passes that were dropped right in the bread basket. We have scrubs across the board.
  6. Passing in Rhule is the biggest mistake this team has ever made in a long time. The perfect leader to change a culture, who WANTED to be here and you try to tell him how to do his job and who to hire. Unreal.
  7. Why are you guys not seeing the problem? It’s not that we didn’t bring him back, it’s that this coaching staff couldn’t find ways to further his game like Carolina is doing. Just further proof we shouldn’t judge half this team under this staff. It’s atrocious.
  8. Totally fine with that. QB or build up the roster as much as possible. Trade down from your top 5 pick. Get more.
  9. Do not want a RB that early. Sorry. Much rather a WR. Plus, let’s solidify the OL first.
  10. Don’t get these. 85% seems good. But ranked in the 30s? That seems very poor. Which is it?!
  11. I think there’s gonna have to be a connection to Douglas. That’s why I think Roman or Martindale will be a possibility. Other then them, no idea.
  12. No sh!t. How do you think we end up with these losers at GM and HC. We get the scraps.
  13. Gase just throwing Hail Marys at this point. He knows he’s done, he knows this team is trash, he’s just getting through the days.
  14. We also have a coaching staff that prefers senior citizens then rather try a younger player.
  15. A message to who? Becton? You think Becton is reading Costello articles?
  16. If it’s Douglas and the front office doing that, I’m kinda all for it. And its what should be done if they’re actually injured. No reason to rush guys back for this sht show. If it’s Gase and Gregg holding back rookies when they’re ready to play then that’s another thing.
  17. God you’re the worst with this stuff. Like what? They’re injured. What else could be going on? And being injured means they’re not committed to playing football now? Jesus. There’s plenty of problems with this team, you don’t need to make things up to add to it.
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