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  1. Let's just say it's not going well.
  2. We're scared Mr.Nut, real scared. They had Kingsbury in the building, they had Rhule's attention.....they went with Adam. Gase.
  3. lol thats so bad. how can a professional football team not provide your million dollar investments with simple essentials.
  4. Andy Dalton vs McNabb though.. .
  5. .....do we want Jay Gruden as an OC? Thought he's been kinda crappy lately no?
  6. I think it's too soon to fit Douglas into any category of how he handles FA. He's been through 1 of a pandemic off season with a HC on the hot seat. I'll wait to see how he handles this coming free agency to judge. I think all we know is that JD sets a price and thats it, he's not gonna get into a bidding war. I'm sure though if a top OL comes free, he'll be more then willing to unload a big contract.
  7. I don't understand the hate towards bringing in JuJu.
  8. Albert Breer at halftime said when asked to name 3 HC candidates for Jets he went immediately with Campbell and Wink Martindale.
  9. I get it. But if you’re a good GM you can turn this team around within a year.
  10. Lol this is what I came in here for.
  11. Cardinals, Dolphins, Browns all hit rock bottom including 0-16 and are all now fighting for the playoffs 1-2 years later. It’s possible folks!
  12. If it was week 17, Mims just bully’s Adams on a jump ball. Then spins it at him on the ground. Then Iverson stomps over him. Yeah I’d prob give the #1.
  13. I’d give anything to see Mims destroy Adams in coverage.
  14. Nope. Nobody said Mims is better. But Matt's hot take is that he's disappointing for whatever reason. Claypool is a beast. Mims is pretty good too. Very far from disappointing. Someone to actually be excited about moving forward.
  15. lol I tried asking. All he knows is that Claypool is better. And Mims sucks. Teams and what kinda offense theyre in doesn't matter I guess.
  16. Good. So you think the Steelers and Jets offenses are basically the same?
  17. Do you watch Jet games? Do you watch football? You must be just reading stat charts.
  18. Lol. You have to be the only one I’ve seen anywhere call Mims disappointing. Fitting.
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