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  1. I’m terrified of this game. Raiders always lay an egg when they come out here. No Jacobs too. Bench crowded Mims and Perriman immediately. We can’t take a chance at scoring 6 points.
  2. And that's why you gotta like how Douglas prioritizes things. He knows damn well you won't get anywhere without a good OL. Deep draft at WR, so you trade down and wait and snag a good one still.
  3. Even Sanchez saying get rid of Sam!
  4. +10000. Dennys grand slam breakfast is bomb. Don't you dare compare those two.
  5. Thought they said Franklin Meyers was because he had a false positive for testing. So it was a precaution. Alex Lewis stuff I have no idea, it's all over the place. Makes no sense.
  6. I mean, it's a pretty solid choice. I think he'll be a good HC. So at least they're not recommending Gase for a 3rd time.
  7. I was saying that as in, I don't like him and don't want him around here cheap or not. His attitude sucks.
  8. Flacco is a douche. If we draft TL, we ride or die with him. Just like Cincy did with Burrow and Arizona with Murray. Get whatever cheap back ups you need and that's it.
  9. If Fuller wasn't constantly getting hurt, i'd be all for bringing him in. But his speed would be nice to add.
  10. Eh. Reid is hovering over him like he's training an intern. I call bust.
  11. I hope he's not expecting to get another NFL job. You can't go 0-16 with the worst offense ever and admit to not helping develop your young QB and think you'll still be in the league.
  12. I wouldn't even know how to process that kind of offensive haul if it ever happened. But it won't. So I don't need to worry.
  13. Eh. Any thoughts Sam has would be with the old regime, which won't be there anymore so don't think it'd hold much weight. Either way, the money will do the talking.
  14. I'm gonna go ahead and guess he's not making business decisions based on where Sam Darnold is.
  15. For me, I'm throwing all our money at: Godwin, JuJu, A. Robinson, Golladay, Schreff, and Thuney. Though I doubt Godwin leaves TB.
  16. I know Perrine hasnt really done anything but there's no way im calling him disappointing until he's free of the Gase and Gore show. I can see him being a part of a solid 1,2 punch next year. For a 4th rounder, i'd be all for that.
  17. https://fansided.com/2020/12/02/chiefs-steelers-collision-course-afc-championship-game-gm-coach-combo-ready-go/ At some point, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is going to make a change. It just might not be the one you’d expect. “If anyone goes, it’s most likely Howie Roseman,” a former general manager tells FanSided. “The issue here is Jeffrey Lurie knows that if he fires Doug Pederson, he gets hired immediately. Maybe the next day. Jeffrey’s lived that before [with Andy Reid’s hiring by the Chiefs].”
  18. I do think he’ll prioritize OL once again to make stronger. If guys like Brandon Scherff or Thuney hit the market, JD will go after them easily. I can’t see him relying on these WRs once again. You gotta go get another solid piece. Maybe after trying and failing to get anyone, then you bring back Perriman but this cant be it.
  19. With how he’s playing. I think we’re looking at a 3rd or 4th rounder.
  20. When you read this article you can help but think of what Joe Douglas did this past offseason, setting us up nicely for 2021. There’s always going to be the normal flow of free agents, though in 2021 there will be a smaller number of bidders. And there will be some players you wouldn’t expect to be available, but cap issues might force teams to cut some good players. There’s only going to be a limited number of bidders. So if they play it smart, those teams can really take advantage of the marketplace. So how should teams be preparing for this? I would have started last year, maximizing what I could push forward, without wrecking this year’s team.
  21. I can see Douglas push for Pederson and Woody push for Harbaugh.
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