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  1. I’d rather they figure it out next year with a new HC. Rest up boys.
  2. We have literally nobody that could or would do that.
  3. Just shut down every injured player for the whole year. No need to risk them for this slop, especially rookies. Keeps them further from Gase as well.
  4. Absolutely not. Would they do? Probably since I think it’s a stupid idea. We’re in no position to be trading up.
  5. Whether he does or not, this defense will not stop that offense. Who the hell is covering Hopkins??? Hell, who’s covering Isabella? Hewitt gonna chase down Murray?
  6. Said before he’s not playing. That’s from inside the building. Unless he’s miraculously healed by Sunday.
  7. He’s not playing. Flacco is starting. Sauces confirm.
  8. Flacco to Gore up the sideline!!!! ....incomplete.
  9. I’m still shocked how his career has gone. Really thought he’d be pretty good.
  10. Potential surrounded by good coaching staff and roster usually equals success. Josh Allen drafted here would’ve been just as frustrating as it is with Darnold.
  11. It’s about time. Should’ve been gone a while ago. Okay Jets, you’re next!
  12. Oh it’s totally gonna be Bienemy. “He orchestrated the Chiefs offense. Offensive genius!”
  13. Jets, we’re not even remotely competitive. At least Cowboys are entertaining and competitive. Houston is probably up there too as a fan, especially after trading Hopkins. Super talented QB going to waste. They’re doing what Jets are doing and taking away talent when barely adding anything back.
  14. After watching today’s games, I’m 100% confident we’ll have the #1 pick. So we can start discussing it whenever you guys are ready.
  15. Boy, Matt Rhule sure does look like a nice hire. Shame Jets owners are complete idiots.
  16. Everyone looks more polished then the Jets.
  17. Hope they’re not sold out. Need years dose.
  18. Wasn’t saying otherwise. Just asking. Gonna need all that cash with the way this season is going. Gonna be hard to attract anyone to an 0-16 team.
  19. So he goes ham next year in free agency and draft, surrounding his HC and new QB with weaponz galore??
  20. He is now that Gase and Mac ruined him. He could’ve been great and lead us to the playoffs often but we decided to surround him with the worst coach in the NFL and castoffs to throw to and protect him.
  21. Best time for jet fans! Looking forward to next to the unknown future!
  22. I just watched YouTube highlights. He’s good. Fields too. We’re good to go with replacing Sammy.
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