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  1. Best time for jet fans! Looking forward to next to the unknown future!
  2. I just watched YouTube highlights. He’s good. Fields too. We’re good to go with replacing Sammy.
  3. Gore. Gore does everything. That’s always the answer.
  4. Thanks coach!! Player ruined.
  5. This by itself should get him fired immediately. Completely irresponsible. He was not ready at all, shouldn’t even have dressed. The moment he walked in the building, he had a look like “I shouldn’t even be playing”. This is why you fire him now and don’t wait. You’re putting the team in harms way.
  6. Squeak out win. Then go on to get blown out by Cardinals. “We just gotta execute, they’re a good team”.
  7. They wanna move on from JD because he’s not Paton? Then what? Get another 3rd choice?
  8. I hate them so much. You can’t give a GM six year contract and then say ehh I expected us to be better by now.
  9. What does keeping Gase do? Continue the trend of being the worse?
  10. Not a big fan of Joes takes usually but this is so spot on. Fans don’t deserve this kinda bullsht.
  11. If any of that is true, that just confirms to us that the owners have zero clue what they’re doing. I wish I didn’t read any of that.
  12. Unless Sam looks confident throwing 3 TDS and 400 yards and defense shuts them out... Actually no, even then, he should be fired regardless.
  13. We have never seen a player improve under Gase. I’m not judging any of these guys until there’s a new HC.
  14. Why do you think(and others) Bienemy is a good option? Aside from KC, where we have no clue how much influence he’s had, what has he done that gets us excited?
  15. In all fairness....Gase.
  16. Woof. At least his offenses have ranked top 10, 7 out of 8 seasons in points scored.
  17. Gase is perfect for this market. And he blows. We’ve tried every personality in the book.
  18. Probably why we can fully expect Bienemy to be on top of the list. They prob think he’s responsible for everything in KC.
  19. It doesn’t say anywhere they’re talking to him. More so insinuating the Jets would be interested.
  20. Hmmm his stuff is usually pretty accurate I think. But who knows.
  21. I’d rather start fresh with another talented QB, coming in with confidence and not have to basically rebuild Sam from the ground up after being destroyed by Gase.
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