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  1. They better have a plan to fill that spot. Crowder and...Demaryious Thomas? as your top two options is a disaster.
  2. Good watch. No real info to look into but I think it’s big to note them talking about the importance of staying in one system and not changing over and over. It SHOULD help going into year 3 for Sam.
  3. Because he’s been tweeting random lines like this all off season. Doesn’t shed light on anything, cuz it means nothing.
  4. Because they selected Ardarius Stewart in the past, you're passing on Juedy? Is this what you're saying?
  5. No huge game changers butttttt some solid depth guys in Cashman and Phillips and I still think Bless could be a nice #2. But yeah, Mac sucks. Confirmed.
  6. Unless it’s Young or Okudah, no. I don’t even care if we signed 3 legit OL starters in free agency. I’d want OL or WR either way.
  7. From Mr. Pauline... Do you think cornerback James Bradberry is a fit with the Jets in free agency? He would be a good fit, and I can tell you the Jets are one of about five teams that have been sniffing around and doing a lot of preliminary work on Bradberry. I honestly never heard of him, he any good?
  8. A splash for Jones is moving to #2 for Chase Young. All while letting Dak go and signing Brady.
  9. Just my intuition. Feel like he’s borderline Mayfield personality that will go south quick if he doesn’t win right away. In cincy, who knows when that’ll be.
  10. I’d trade that for a haul. Burrow will not turn out well IMO. Take multiple picks from the Dolphins, take Tua and build with the other picks.
  11. Gil Brandt is just as unreputable as PFF. These lists mean nothing.
  12. Idk. Been told here on Jetnation that he’s not even top 200. This is way off.
  13. I mean at that point.... pass rusher would be the biggest need.
  14. For the Jets....I don't think Darnold has the best deep ball accuracy, so I'd try to build a nice mid-range game for him. I'd even add a third capable TE, since he seems to connect with them really well. Or have a guy that was like Enunwa, just a healthy version. You can keep a guy like Robby, but I think Sam's damage comes from those 15-20 yard passes, so gimme clean route runners, someone who's quick in short spaces, etc. The defense...just need to add pieces all along the outside. Outside pass rushers and corners. You got Quinnen, Fatukasi, Mclendon, Philips. Then Mosley and Williamson/Hewitt down the middle.
  15. We already know Jets suck, should've taken Mahomes/Watson, yada yada... So what are we thinking happens with these two teams? Chiefs look to be set up for a while, especially with a QB like Mahomes only in his 3rd year. Could hold them back once they pay him a billion dollars but rest of the team I think is signed until at least 2022 (Kelce, Clark, Hill, Fisher, Schwartz). Plus that division is kind of weak. 49ers I feel like will have a Superbowl hangover. That division is tough and will only get better. But I do think Shanahan is one of the best coaches in the NFL. Add another draft class and smart free agent moves and they could be back.
  16. What breaks did he catch this year? But either way, Jimmy G IMO seems like a limited QB. Everything has to go right for him to win. Or maybe i'm saying that because in contrast to Mahommes on the other side he looks like a rookie.
  17. God he's so awful. I can't believe I once tried defending him. I'm too nice of a person. Just awful all across the board.
  18. Tannehill, Drake AND Parker?!? Could you imagine the possibilities????
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