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  1. We talking 09-10 Sanchez or 11-12 Sanchez?
  2. Unfortunately it’s those Rex days. That’s how long it’s been
  3. Ditto. They’re a bad team. Why am I wasting a good Sunday on getting angry. I def won’t make an effort to stay in and watch anymore this season.
  4. Get a head start to evaluate what you have in this team. Fire him now and you can do that.
  5. We would need Aaron Rodgers level play to have a chance with this team and coaching right now. A chance.
  6. He was better his rookie season and has gone downward. I blame both of them. And Mac for providing terrible support. It’s a fn mess.
  7. lol WUT?! Then sorry you need to find better plays to get 7 YARDS.
  8. My answer would be, absolutely no player on offense has improved under Gase. Hard to evaluate anyone under such a terrible system, let alone the captain of that system.
  9. Yeah we are. JD has had one off season to clean up 4 years of trash, all at critical positions.
  10. It should be safe to throw 10 yards. I don’t think that’s a big ask.
  11. He should be! Just because he drops a pass doesn’t mean he completely sucks. Idiot HC rather throw a screen pass to Hogan again.
  12. I really wish the fans were there to boo and really let the front office hear it.
  13. Gase should then punch him back for this terrible defense. Both should be knocked out.
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