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  1. Yeah and we got Perriman and Frank Gore. Plenty of weapons for Sammy.
  2. Both. It’s called not knowing when to make good decisions.
  3. Ugh. Completely ruined. It would take a miracle worker to fix Sam at this point. First step is to get Gase out of there ASAP.
  4. I just watched most of the All 22. This was no doubt Sams worst game IMO. At least with the Patriots last year, he was just being out coached where Gase couldn’t adjust. This game he flat out missed throws, constantly throwing in bad positions, panics constantly and never resets his feet for a better throw. The space is there to move around in the pocket and reset. He just takes off and flings it. He doesn’t even need to do big moves, just a slide to the right a bit and he’d be better off. Nope stands there and throws flat footed. You can’t do this in year 3.
  5. Fant and Becton played very well. They desperately need to figure out the Guard spot. GVR and Lewis ain’t it.
  6. And if Sam actually hit half his throws and didn’t panic in the pocket and made smart decisions, there’s a good chance we win! And if we had any sort of pass rush, there’s a good chance we don’t let Josh Allen sit back there for 20 seconds. And if Gase has any feel for the game and actually used played to our strengths, there’s a good chance we don’t embarrassed. But...it didn’t happen. And here we are. Faced with reality.
  7. There’s no one to call and add. Unless he can at some swing for a trade that will help now and moving forward. Otherwise, it’s pretty pointless.
  8. It’s not overreaction. It’s reality. This roster is full of JAGs. They weren’t competitive one bit.
  9. They didn’t play him. At all. I don’t think he got a single snap. Incredibly stupid.
  10. Can’t believe there’s still some of you out there.
  11. Get someone who can coach offense, draft Lawerence, draft stud WR with second 1. You’re in business.
  12. So jealous of Arizona. Kingsbury was in the Jets building!! We said goodbye and hired Gase. What a nightmare.
  13. If it goes like this, they’ll have no choice to do it at the bye week. I’d let Shawn Jefferson step in as interim.
  14. Meh. I think the WFT is actually better then people think. The Jets loss was by far the worst in the NFL today. They looked like they just threw a bunch of guys together from the street the day before.
  15. Passing on Mcarthy and Rhule and Kingsbury for Gase is a crime. Can’t wait to see how we F it up next time.
  16. Trade who you can. Secure the top pick. Dump entire staff. Restart. There’s no other option. This is basically an expansion team.
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