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  1. Depends... Carr/Lamar = Zach sits for the rest of his contract. Jimmy G/Rodgers = Zach sits for a year. Dalton/Minshew = Zach sits for 6 games.
  2. So he has sources with the Jets, Ravens and Falcons? Let's pump the brakes.
  3. Why do we praise Parcells again?
  4. He'd be a better QB Coach then OC candidate.
  5. Lol. Then Jan 2024, another tweets says Harbaugh returns to Michigan again!
  6. Won’t happen simply because it’s something we would like.
  7. Lol ravens fans hate their HC, OC and QB right now. I can’t imagine their in good spirits right now.
  8. True. Owner being there everyday does nothing though lol. Not sure what the point of that argument is. Here everyday and still bad.
  9. They’re absolutely a playoff team with a good QB. Lol. How is it irrelevant? It’s reality. I’d rather take a chance on someone like Lamar then do nothing with Jacoby Brissett. Doesn’t throw much to WRs? Prob because their only best option is a tight end.
  10. Can’t wait for Baker Mayfield to lead us a riveting 8-9 season.
  11. Lol. So roll with Mike White and Zach and expect them to make the playoffs. This is why they just have take a risk. It’s now or never for these guys.
  12. You realize Woody is there every day too right?
  13. So you prefer Brissett as QB1. Rookie QB2?? That’s the plan you wanna roll with?
  14. I just don’t get what the plan would be if you’re not going for those guys.
  15. If you’re not swinging, then what’s the plan at QB? You gonnna put your season on the line with Minshew?
  16. Valid. Also most of what actually matters is who they get at QB. They can hire Sean McVay and then go get Andy Dalton.
  17. Still worth the risk at this point imo. If you’re not gonna swing for Lamar or Rodgers or Carr. Then swing for Bryce Young. Enough of this sh*tty QB play.
  18. https://twitter.com/katiemox/status/1614961650213289986?s=46&t=LaQU1z_X8AMiGMZBwjkj9Q Look at why things might start to blow up over there.
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